July 17, 2024

F1 GP Canada 2024 Photos – Photos from practice

F1 GP Canada 2024 Photos – Photos from practice

At the beginning of the week, the thermometer in Montreal showed more than 30 degrees Celsius. But once the Formula 1 entourage arrived, the summer suddenly ended. Heavy rain fell on the city on Thursday and Friday night. But when the sun suddenly broke out of the blue sky again in the morning, fans’ hopes for a dry practice on Friday rose.

But at lunchtime the sky suddenly darkened again. The radar did not bode well and with just over an hour before the first session began, the landscape began. A violent thunderstorm occurred, accompanied by wind, hail, and a noticeable drop in temperature. The road was once completely underwater. A lot of leaves and branches were blown onto the path. Fans were forced to get off the stands and seek shelter.


With spots on a semi-wet track – work becomes inevitable.

The start of the match was delayed

With water everywhere at the planned start of the first session, race management decided not to open the pit lane for the time being. The fun didn’t start until 21 minutes later. It was not necessary to ask the pilots twice. Everyone wanted to collect data on newly laid asphalt. Because the sun shone again, the perfect line quickly dried up.

In addition to the full and intermediate wets, splashes were also used in the final seconds. However, the slippery conditions surprised some pilots. Guanyu Zhou slid into the wall and bent the rear left suspension. His teammate Valtteri Bottas showed great spin on the grass. Even Max Verstappen had to go through completely wet turf at times.

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In the gallery, we show you some pictures from Friday’s training in Montreal.

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