April 22, 2024

F1 2022 updated to version 1.05, a quick lap at the Red Bull Ring

F1 2022 updated to version 1.05, a quick lap at the Red Bull Ring

(MST / Speedmaniacs.de) – One week after the release of EA SPORTS F1 22, the first update for the PC and Play Station versions is now available. The update to version 1.05, which should also be available for Xbox consoles soon, addresses a whole host of general issues, but it also contains the first improvements and patches for the online and virtual reality area.

After Silverstone, the race will now be on the Red Bull Circuit


For all those who use a Thrustmaster steering wheel or other equipment and have had problems with the F1 22 thus far, Electronic Arts has indicated that a firmware update has been released which, according to the publisher, “fixes some issues with this company that should fix the peripherals in the F1 22.” Accordingly, it is also recommended that you install this update if you are currently experiencing issues with Thrustmaster peripherals.

For the Austrian Grand Prix this weekend, Codemasters presents a Video of a quick course around the virtual Red Bull circuit in F1 22. The track can be experienced from the AT03 race car in Pierre Gasly’s Scuderia AlphaTauri.

F1 2022 V1.05:
Reducing engine wear for low gear shifts or excessive acceleration is less likely to be penalized.
-Fixed the incorrect collision query on the first turn in Jeddah.
– The default setting for the rearview mirror is now applied correctly.
– Characters on the platform are now displayed correctly.
-HUD items are now displayed correctly in split screen races.
-Fixed an issue where the team badge could be displayed incorrectly in My Team after the race weekend.
– Loyalty pack items are now correctly displayed in the user’s inventory.
-Fixed an issue where using the Fanatec Load Cell pedals would reduce refresh rates.
– The durability values ​​of the engine manufacturers in My Team have been updated (does not affect already started jobs).
– Updated fuel quantity for sprint events in Bahrain F1®.
– In supercar remodels, it no longer rains inside the car itself.
– Fixed an issue where the Race Engineer would mention a component issue only to immediately announce that it has been resolved.
– Adaptive triggers now have the correct resistance value on PC.
-Fixed an issue where AI drivers would sometimes brake during flying laps to avoid overtaking a vehicle allowing them to pass.
– Fixed an issue where exit 1 or 2 qualifiers would start immediately on race day even though there was still plenty of time for the next session.
-Fixed an issue where a crash could occur when entering an existing Friendly Race Lobby.
– Sponsors can now be properly attached to the player’s car.
– General stability improvements.
– A number of minor bug fixes.

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-Fixed a crash when entering an existing multiplayer lobby.
– Fixed an issue where starting options in the multiplayer lobbies could no longer be changed.

-Improved performance when running the accompanying screen in full screen mode.
– Fix unwanted head movement when braking or accelerating.