September 29, 2023

F-15EX Eagle for Indonesia

An Indonesian delegation in front of the F-15EX at Boeing’s factory in St. Louis (Photo: Boeing)

Indonesia has signed a letter of intent to purchase twenty-four F-15EX Eagles with Boeing, subject to US government approval of the deal.

The contracts were signed during a visit by an Indonesian delegation to the Boeing plant in St. Louis. Indonesia wishes to purchase a total of 24 F-15EX Eagle aircraft. For Boeing, this would be a significant deal for the F-15 Eagle, which has been built at the former McDonnell Douglas plant in St. Louis for the past 50 years. Assuming the USA will wave the deal, the US Defense and Security Cooperation Agency has approved a potential Foreign Military Sales of 36 F-15s to Indonesia in February 2022, for $13.9 billion.

The second is an F-15EX
The second F-15EX Eagle II (Photo: USAF)

The F-15EX is a heavily modified F-15E, as are Eagles for Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Qatar. The F-15EX is equipped with an upgraded engine. The avionics, computers and sensors of the weapons have also been significantly overhauled. The radar on the F-15EX is based on the APG-82, and the AESA radar with active electronic beam scanning has already been partially upgraded for the US F-15C/D and F-15E fighters. The F-15EX airframe is said to have a lifespan of 20,000 flight hours, so the F-15 Eagle will be around for many decades to come. In Indonesia, the F-15EX will be designated F-15IND.