Extreme cold and snow: A severe winter will begin in North America in November 2022

First, large parts of Canada in the northwest of the United States were affected. By the end of the weekend, the associated weather system will move from the Midwest to the East Coast with the coldest air so far this season, where wintry conditions will continue Sunday and Monday.

By the end of the week, the eastern half of the US will also be freezing at night


At night, when it clears of snow, there is a risk of double-digit minus temperatures – sometimes down to -20 degrees. Plus, a brisk wind ensures the whole thing is pretty icy at times. The first taste of winter that has washed away. Snowfall is expected especially with heavy snow and blizzard-like conditions at times.

The forecast calls for a chance of snow cover and closed snow cover through the weekend

There is snow with the risk of avalanches and avalanches


This very cold air will be 15 to almost 30 degrees below average for the season, marking a very turbulent phase in the weather on the other side of the Atlantic. Through the coming weekend and even beyond the middle of the month, winter will advance in Canada and the United States.
This can be seen, for example, when looking at experimental long-range forecasts from the US weather service NOAA. Almost the entire northwestern part of North America is very cold or significantly cold in November 2022.

In the forecast, the temperature is shown at a height of a few kilometers. A more uniform blue, which means cold, the parts are connected, it is stronger polar vortex. On the other hand, if large gaps and slight insertions are calculated in the direction of the north pole, the vortex is very unstable. In a polar vortex split, the blue region splits into two regions.

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