December 1, 2023

Die Kathedrale "Notre-Dame" in Paris.

Extradition request for French priests –

The Canadian government has confirmed a request to extradite a Catholic priest to France. He has been accused of past and recent sexual assaults.

According to media reports, France has been asked to hand over Johannes Rivoire, Justice Minister David Lametty said. He worked in Nunavut, northern Canada from the early 1960s until 1993. He has been accused of raping her 47 years ago.

The Pope has already been asked

Canadian authorities also confirmed the new charges, which is why there is a nationwide arrest warrant against Rivoire. During a visit to Rome in the spring, Inuit representatives asked the pope to urge the priest to voluntarily go to Canada to face the charges. If he doesn’t, the Pope can ask France to hand him over.

A memorial stone to victims of abuse in front of the Church of Saint Syriagus in Patrop (D).

During the current Pope’s visit to Canada, the case has been repeatedly mentioned in the media. Since Sunday evening, Francis has embarked on a self-proclaimed “pilgrimage of repentance” seeking forgiveness for the crimes of Christians who participated in the forced assimilation and disenfranchisement of indigenous peoples. Among other things, it was about sexual abuse, Rivoire alleged.

France wants more information

Justice Minister Lametty said France responded to the extradition request, but first asked for more information. In addition, Lametty pointed out that such intergovernmental applications are usually conducted in secret. Due to huge public interest, he has now confirmed the process. (cic)

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