Expulsion instead of a dream goal – bankruptcy of the ZF football club with a pale aftertaste

Red Card Instead of Dream Goal: Letseground’s Controversial Video Assistant Referee Decision

FCZ lost 0-1 at home to Vaduz. In the 86th minute, Winter had the alleged equalizer, but the video assistant referee turned on and did not count: Kramer extended his hand – and flew off the field yellow and red.


FCZ lost 0-1 at home to Vaduz. In the 86th minute, Addie Winter scored the supposed equalizer, but the VAR was turned on and the goal was not awarded. right?

Liechtenstein did not steal victory. Because of what appears The bottom group gets the three points. However, it is a lucky victory, because in the 86th minute, substitute Adi Winter equalized a heavy shot under the bar. Assumed compensation.

Because while Winter is cheering, the video assistant referee is on – so referee Adrian Jacotet looks at goal creation again on the small screen at the edge of the field. He sees how his assistant Blaz Kramer touches Vaduz defender Yannick Schmid with his elbow in the face as he turns. Jaccottet cancels the blow and instead places the already-warned Kramer off the field yellow and red.

Certainly not a wrong decision, you can see. Yet the question that arises is: Should the VAR system have been allowed to intervene at all? Was it really wrong to let the game continue? At least on this point, opinions differ, because Kramer doesn’t seem to be extending his elbow on purpose – and Schmid, who is theatrically plunging to the ground, does not hit hard.

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Swiss football is now impatiently waiting for referee Danny Wermelinger to say. It will be like in the St. Gallen-Lugano match last Sunday Criticism of the use of video assistant referee To practice?

The highlights of the game

Zurich-Vaduz 0: 1

Ravizen Premier League, Round 16, Season 20/21


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