April 25, 2024

Examining the religious tools of the occupation regime on the way to settlement

Examining the religious tools of the occupation regime on the way to settlement

Tehran (ICNA) – Palestinian associations will hold in London today, Thursday, a symposium to discuss the religious tools used by the Israeli occupation regime to advance the process of Arab reconciliation.

According to Iqna, citing Arabi 21, the International Law Society for Palestine will hold a symposium in London on June 16 to discuss how the pro-Israel lobby is promoting interfaith unity as a way to normalize relations while supporting the Zionist regime.

The seminar will be attended by Raafat Odeh Kassis, Coordinator of the Palestinian Christian Alliance and Daoud Abdullah, Director of the Middle East Monitor (MEMO) and jointly organized by the Palestinian People’s Conference Abroad in the UK.

This symposium will examine the growing phenomenon of the Zionist regime’s use of religious groups as an important element in the process of normalizing racist behavior and its colonial policies in the occupation regime.

The Legal Society said that the symposium aims to identify and study the relationships and tactics used by the pressure organizations backed by Israel to achieve the goal of managing the occupation regime and how the regime uses religious groups as important tools to normalize its racist behavior in the occupied territories. province.

In the past year or two, the United States launched a settlement move between the Arab countries and the Zionist regime and the signing of the so-called Abraham Accords between several Arab countries and Tel Aviv, in an attempt to promote interfaith and intercultural dialogue. And creating a culture to promote peace between the Abrahamic religions and all of humanity.

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In the meantime, the Palestinian side and its supporters around the world are convinced that the propaganda of the United States and the Zionist regime in light of the continuation and intensification of the occupation and the criminal attacks of the occupation regime against the Palestinians and the entire Palestinian region is deceptive.