Ex-MotoGP rider establishes new Moto3 team for 2022

Motorsport – Magazin.com – A new British racing team will start in Moto3 in 2022. Former MotoGP racer Michael Lafferty will start his team under the sponsor name “VisionTrack Honda Racing”. He revealed that on Friday during the motorcycle’s live broadcast on British pay-TV channel BT Sports.

The team will be installed specifically to promote British talent. Laverty already runs an academy for racing drivers in the British Isles called ‘MLav VisionTrack’. The partnership with Honda is clear, with Honda motorcycles also being driven in the British Talent Cup.

“British drivers are often overtaken recently due to a lack of sponsorship or financial support,” Lafferty said on television. “Thanks to the great structures and our title sponsor, there are many talents waiting for their chance. We believe that with this new team we can build a bridge into the Grand Prix.”

The two places to go to British drivers. Lafferty did not want to reveal the names yet. According to the report of the English language specialist portal “The Race”, Scott Ogden should be considered a group. The 17-year-old has been racing the Red Bull Rookies Cup with moderate success since last year, but after winning the Junior Moto3 World Championship, he finished fourth overall.

There is room in Moto3 for 2022 after the Sepang Racing Team and possibly also the Gresini Racing Team withdrew from the smallest class. In addition to the new Laverty team, a new Italian team is also planned, led by former world championship driver Alessandro Tonucci. According to rumors, Dorna will publish the official list of Moto3 teams for the upcoming season.

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