June 20, 2024

Everything on Phil Spencer's mantel has meaning

Everything on Phil Spencer’s mantel has meaning

When we see a Pokemon company presentation or a photo of Junichi Masuda, we take a very close look, because there may be hidden details about the upcoming Pokemon games somewhere in the background. Going forward, you should also keep an eye on Xbox chief Phil Spencer’s rack. “Everything on Phil Spencer’s shelf means something – even these,” says Jeff Group, VentureBeat editor and always familiar with the world of video games. Nintendo Switch! “

So, things that Xbox boss Phil Spencer publicly hides on his shelf in the background during video chats should have less or more meaning? Yeah. Last year, the Xbox Series X’s little sister, the Xbox Series S, was subtly put into stock and No one noticed – At least not at first glance. Jeff It has been connectedThat everything is on an elephant shelf Means something, But it is not discussed in more detail. From 59:40 you can listen to his statement yourself:

Do you think Microsoft has quite a few games to play in the future Nintendo Switch Will it be published?

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