Everything is on board! Blasphemous developer launches Kickstarter for new VR platform for board games

kitchen game, The independent studio behind the crowdfunding hype infidelity he have Kickstarter campaign for Everything is on board! They launched a VR platform powered by user-generated content where players can create, share and play board games with their friends. The development team is targeting a release in 2023 Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR Headsets. There will be an exclusive beta for supporters for the festive season.

Everything is on board! A new way to create, share and play board games with friends. At launch, the platform will give players access to an expanded library of titles, including officially licensed titles such as Black Rose Wars, Rallyman GT, Sword & Sorcery and Infinity Defiance in Istanbul And the Escape from the dark castle. Additional titles will be announced during the crowdfunding campaign and beyond. Players will only get one copy Licensed game to play with their friends.

Platform It aims to help aspiring board game designers create and share their own board games, using a set of free editing tools that will be available for PC (Windows). The mod is designed to allow everyone to create games in a simple and accessible way, without having to write a single line of code.

players He will be able to support the project from $20, allowing access to the platform, exclusive accessories, and a booster role on the official Discord. For $40, players get Tugang zum Backerpass Basic, a category that includes three licensed board games of their choice. Kickstarter campaign supporters can also purchase Complete – Early Bird Tier, Which gives access to 12 games for $80.

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Around Everything is on board! Available on the official websiteplus more updates about discordAnd the TwitterAnd the FacebookAnd the Instagram. Information about The Game Kitchen can be found at Official Website or on Twitter.

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