Even Winnie the Pooh reaches for crowning glory

The countdown has begun: King Charles (74) and Queen Camilla (75) will be crowned in London on Saturday, and the palace is announcing new details every day. Recently, there has been excitement about calling all the people of the United Kingdom to swear allegiance to the King aloud.

The coronation is the most prominent, but the Brits celebrate for three days in all. A concert at Windsor Castle on Sunday night featuring stars including Take That, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Now the BBC has announced two other participants: Hollywood star Tom Cruise (60) and cartoon character Winnie the Pooh should also play a part. This raises expectations that there could be a similar scene for Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee in June 2022. At the time, the Queen met Paddington for tea for a highly acclaimed video sketch.

Streets and shops across the country are now decorated with flags. In the village of Hurst, near Reading, members of a crochet group also make royal figures and crowns to decorate mailboxes.

Portrait of Master of Ceremonies Edward William Fitzalan-Howard:

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Bees and bugs on Queen Camilla’s coronation gown

Camilla, 75, will wear a gown of purple velvet, embroidered with gold thread and elaborately decorated, after her coronation on May 6. “For the first time, insects, including bees and a beetle, appear on the coronation gown, which reflects their majesty’s love for nature,” the palace said. In 1953, Queen Elizabeth’s “imperial robe” had a seven-meter train, was trimmed with ears of wheat and olive branches as symbols of abundance and peace, and was decorated with ermine.

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A hiking trail in England is named after Charles

In honor of Charles’ coronation, the longest long-distance footpath in England is named after the king. The King Charles III Way of England follows 4,345 kilometers of Britain’s largest coastline in the country. The naming should emphasize the King’s love of nature.

According to media reports, Charles turned down an offer from London’s Heathrow Airport to name a terminal building after the monarch on the occasion of the coronation. They say the reason is environmental concerns.


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