July 15, 2024

European flower mission is taking shape

European flower mission is taking shape

2030 will be the year of the Venus missions: after Russia and the USA made similar plans, the European Space Agency (ESA) followed suit.

The basics in brief

  • In 2030, the ESA space agency will send a probe to Venus.
  • Russia and NASA have similar plans.

The following European Venus mission is formed: ESA . ​​space agency Last Thursday, I decided to conduct a probe that will explore the planet from 2030. It bears the name EnVision.

According to the European Space Agency, the probe should provide a “global picture” of Venus. This is «explained why Venus and Land It developed very differently.”

Because both planets are roughly the same size and composition, but Venus is uninhabitable, the space agency confirms. The last mission by the European Space Agency (ESA) from 2005 to 2014 explored the “toxic atmosphere” of the planet.

The United States and Russia also want to go to Venus

A week ago it was already US space agency NASA He announced two new missions to Venus. “DaVinci+” and “Veritas” are scheduled to start between 2028 and 2030.

Shortly before that, I also mentioned Russian space agency RoscosmosDesire to take a trip to Venus. Venus acts as a stopover – and the final destination is Jupiter. The type of drive is controversial: if the information is correct, the Nucleon spaceship will be powered by a nuclear power plant.

Conditions on Venus are not considered beneficial For the existence of life. Temperatures on the planet can reach 500 degrees Celsius. the weather It consists almost exclusively of carbon dioxide and has a strong greenhouse effect.

Astronomers are interested, among other things, with Venus because of the relatively short distance from it Land. Some experts see Venus as a warning about how cruel it is Land In the case of gradual global warming.

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