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EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS: Lita Behre and Meyer ensure Friday excitement

EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS: Lita Behre and Meyer ensure Friday excitement

Status: 08/21/2022 00:52

Bo Kanda Lita Baehre took advantage of her opportunity as a foreigner. In a major pole vault competition, she finished second to Armand Duplantis as “Best of the Rest”. Leah Meyer then ran a terrific race over the 3000m steeplechase to win silver.

Bo Kanda Lita Baehre’s black pirate scarf swirled wildly around her head as the German kept shaking his head in excitement. The 23-year-old from Bayer Leverkusen made the most of his foreigner’s opportunity at the pole vault event of the European Championships on Saturday evening with a leap of 5.85m to win the silver medal.

Duplantis with the championship record

Of course, world record holder Armand Duplantis was unbeatable. He almost sportily dominated the event in a rainy Munich, eventually winning with a throw of 6.06 metres. Others had their own competition for places behind Sweden. In the end, Lita Behre came out on top. Among others, old master Renaud Lavillenie and the strong Norwegian Paul Haugen Lillefosse, failed at 5.85 meters.

He’s high-flying in the pole vault: World record holder Armand Duplantis advanced to the competition record at the European Championships.

Blech and Zernikell initially failed

In tough conditions – pole vaulters don’t like wet conditions – the other two German finalists, Torben Blech and Oleg Zernikel, had to drop out early. But Lita Behre entered the competition after her initial failed attempts. In the end he was allowed to celebrate. And declared: “I’m not satisfied yet. Runner up is first loser. I always want to be better!”

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Leah Mayer causes a storm of joy

After the pole vault finish, 3000m steeplechase Leah Meyer thrilled the spectators at the Olympic Stadium. ASV Köln’s light-footed runner took his heart in both hands and made life very difficult for the favorite runners.

At first she stayed in the lead group – and when it collapsed, she followed Elizabeth Baird and Louisa Gega, who escaped from the front, tenaciously. With the fans cheering, Meyer drove his life. On the last lap, Britt Bird had no chance. Hingder pushed Gega Meyer to second.

Leah Mayer stunningly won silver in the 3000m steeplechase at the European Athletics Championships in Munich, then sank completely.

A surprise in the women’s steeplechase. In the absence of European Championship title defender Keza Belicidas Krause, another German shone.

Two-time European champion and reigning champion Geza Krauss had to skip defending his title due to health reasons.

The women’s relay bravely finished in fifth place

The women’s over 400m relay had to compete without their best athlete, Corinna Schwab. Accordingly, he was without a real chance in the fight for medals, but did well. All four girls gave it their all, finishing in a very respectable fifth place. The Netherlands won over Poland and Great Britain.

Dutch women’s relay

Men’s relay in seventh place

The German men’s sprint was given the best chance of being an outsider if it went well – but it didn’t. The quartet of Marvin Schlegel, Patrick Schneider, Mark Koch and Manuel Sanders finished seventh in Saturday evening’s final (3:02.51 minutes).

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The title went to favorite Brits (2:59.35). Belgium (2:59.49) and France (2:59.64) won silver and bronze respectively. The German Athletic Association’s quartet had already booked their way into the final with a win. At the World Championships in Eugene, Germany was eliminated early in 3:04.21 at Hayward Field.

Herring bravely finished seventh

She started strong, but was caught by the competition: Christina Hering finished seventh over 800 meters. The 27-year-old from Munich had to concede in the closing stages of the final and crossed the finish line in 2:00.82 minutes.

Finished after 2:00.82 minutes: Christina Herring

Olympic and World Championship runner-up Keely Hodgkinson of Great Britain took the title in 1:59.09, followed by Renelle Lamott of France in 1:59.49. Poland’s Anna Wilkos won bronze in 1:59.87.

Javelin title goes to Greece

Defending champion Elina Cenko of Germany replaced European javelin champion Christine Hussang in Munich on Saturday evening, clearing 65.81m ahead of Serbia’s Adriana Vilakos (62.01) and the Czech Republic’s world record holder Barbora Spotakova (60.68). Jumping 54.52m, Annika Marie Fuchs finished eleventh, missing the final by about three metres.