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European Championships: Gold!  Women's javelin throw relay relay Weber triumphed in Munich

European Championships: Gold! Women’s javelin throw relay relay Weber triumphed in Munich

Status: 08/21/2022 11:36 PM

Germany won the 4x100m relay at the last Munich competitions. Javelin thrower Julian Weber also fulfilled his dream at the European Championships in Munich: he threw more javelins than anyone else. The German men’s relay race saw drama.

At the last athletics competition in Munich, there was the long-awaited coronation of the German women’s relay race. Alexandra Burghardt, Lisa Mayer, Gina Lokenkemper and presenter Rebecca Haas overcame Poland (42.61) and Italy (42.84) in front of a massive crowd at the Olympic Stadium in 42.34 seconds.

Athletics at the European Championships: Reviving the men’s 4x100m race.

The British favorites shared with Dina Asher-Smith and the French were eliminated after a switch error.

Webber wins the javelin throw

“Julian is the competitive type – anything is possible”, predicted Boris Obergvoll earlier during the javelin throwing competition. And the national javelin coach was right: in the fourth attempt on Sunday evening (21/8/2022), Julian Webber outdid himself and threw the javelin for an impressive distance of 87.66 metres.

Athletics at the European Championships: Julian Webber wins gold in javelin throw – the crucial throw in revival.

He overtook Major Jacob Vadijsch, who was in the lead by 87.28 meters. And in the end, the Czechs could no longer respond – Weber was allowed to lay the crown of the European javelin. Finland’s Lassi Itilalo won the bronze with a time of 86.44 metres.

Finally a medal

Webber narrowly missed a fourth-place medal at the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo and at the World Championships in Eugene last month.

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Andreas Hoffmann was disappointed, staying under 80m and was unable to meet his expectations in eleventh.

The men’s javelin final, women’s high jump final and relay decisions – full-length evening on Sunday at the European Championships in Munich.

Drama for German Runners in the Victory of Great Britain

In the 4×100-meter relay, which began with high expectations, the German players experienced a tragedy. Even the first change didn’t work, Joshua Hartman couldn’t get Kevin Runs to stick. The German Quartet, who actually wanted to run for victory, was eliminated. Britain won the title, setting a record in the championship with 37.67 seconds, ahead of France (37.94). Poland won the bronze with a time of 38.15 seconds.

Little Meat is sixth in the high jump

Mary Lawrence Younglich played only a supporting role in awarding the medal in the high jump at the European Championships at home in Munich. The third striker from Berlin 2018 managed to achieve 1.90 m in the Olympic Stadium and was the sixth this time. Jaroslava Mahuchich of Ukraine (1.95m) took gold in front of Marija Vukovic of Montenegro (1.95m).

High jump Mary Lawrence Jungflich

The bronze went to 17-year-old Serbian Angelina Topek (1.93 m), daughter of former European champion Dragutin Topek.

Spain celebrates over 800 metres

The men’s 800m final was announced on Sunday evening at the Olympic Stadium in Munich. As the relay races prepare for their outdoor climax, Mariano Garcia and Jake Whiteman of Great Britain battle it out for the 800m title.

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Ultimately, the Spaniard won EM gold ahead of Wightman and Irish Mark English. Favorite Andreas Kramer of Sweden started too late and lost touch. This resulted in no more than fourth place.

10,000m – Three Germans among the defeated

Three German runners competed at 10,000 meters – but none of them managed to interfere in the battle for medals. Nils Voigt was the best in eighth, Samugil Fatwa of Eritrea finished ninth, Philemon Abraham ended up 19th, and the winner from Italy was Yeman Kripa, an Ethiopian-born runner.