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European Championships: Eckhart Nowak missed the bronze by a centimeter

European Championships: Eckhart Nowak missed the bronze by a centimeter

Status: 08/19/2022 10:46 PM

Neil Eckhardt Nowak just lost a medal in the triple jump. Joshua Awaco was similarly unhappy in the 400m hurdles. In the morning the German squadrons cheered.

Prior to the final in the triple jump, Eckhardt Nowak was traded as the secret favorite for the European Championship title. The reason: The 30-year-old managed the longest run in qualifying with 14.53 metres.

But the announcement came straight away at the first attempt from Ukraine: Marina Bek Romanchuk, who was fourth in the long jump the day before, jumped 14.81 metres. No rider came close to this distance – only she herself managed to do a better job: 15.01 meters on the fifth attempt was world class.

2 centimeters missing at the end

In the end, Eckhardt Nowak was left without a precious metal. With a jump of 14.43 meters, the budding lawyer took fourth place, only 2 cm behind bronze medalist Hanna Minenko of Israel.

The full length of the quarter-final match of the German duo Ahlers and Weckler against the Swiss Kratiger and Beer at the European Championships in Munich.

“This was a huge series of me, but somehow the breakup was missing. Still, I’ll be looking at it with smiling eyes on Saturday”said Eckhardt Nowak in a ZDF interview.

Aboako missed the medal by a hundred

Athletics star Karsten Warholm took gold in the 400-meter hurdles and broke the record set by 40-year-old Harald Schmid at the European Championships. The Norwegian managed to defend his title in Berlin 2018 with a time of 47.12 seconds against Frenchman Wilfried Happio (48.56) and Yasmane Kopelo (Turkey / 48.78) at the Munich Olympic Stadium.

Joshua Awako missed a medal for fifth by a hundred, and the man from Frankfurt set a personal best of 48.79 seconds.

Hartmann over 200 meters in fifth place

Meanwhile, Joshua Hartmann became the first German to qualify for the 200m final to finish fifth in more than three decades. The 23-year-old from ASV Köln stayed 20.50 seconds above his personal best of 20.33, which he set in the semifinals. But even then there was no medal.

The title went to European 100-meter runner-up, Zharnel Hughes of Great Britain, who needed 20.07 seconds. Citizen Nathaniel Mitchell Blake was ten seconds slower. The bronze went to the Olympic champion Filippo Torto of Italy.

Burghart must be satisfied with eighth place

Alexandra Burghart finished only eighth and last in the 200m final. The 28-year-old, third in the relay world championships, crossed the finish line in 23.24 seconds on Friday. Mujinga Kamundji of Switzerland became the new European champion in 22.32 seconds. She won a silver medal in the 100m race. Great Britain champion Dina Asher-Smith finished third with a time of 22.43 seconds.

Beppendorf V over 3000 metres

Finland’s Toby Reitanen won the European Championships gold in the 3000m hurdles, ending France’s European winning streak. The 26-year-old beat the Italians Ahmed Abdel Wahed (8:22.35) and Osama Al-Zaghlami (8:23.44) with a time of 8:21.80 minutes at the Munich Olympic Stadium on Friday evening.

Dresden’s Karl Bebendorf finished solidly fifth in 8:26.49 minutes. “Early position fights took a lot of power,” he told ZDF. “It wasn’t my ideal tactician, but it was very useful.” As expected, Niklas Buchholz did not play a role in the fight for medals in the 14th place at his first show at the European Championships.

Klein and Trost miss the podium at 1500m

Hanna Klein and local champion Katharina Trost missed a surprise in the European 1500m final. When Scott’s Laura Muir (4:01.08) took first, Klein finished fifth with a time of 4:05.49 minutes, two seconds off the podium. Trost finished 10th at the Munich Olympic Stadium (4:06.95).

Sprint relay in sovereign morning

The German sprinter confidently completed qualifying at the European Athletics Championships in Munich. The men’s quartet even set a record in Germany. Both stages of the long sprint in the final, too.

Kevin Kranz, Joshua Hartmann, Owen Ansa and Lucas Ansa-Pebra ran 37.97 seconds – no German quartet was faster than 4×100 metres. Kranz put on a great show, the changes worked, and that’s how announcer Ansah-Peprah managed to set the record perfectly. “Really cool, it was so much fun, that was huge,” Kranz said right afterwards at the Olympic Stadium. The previous record of only 37.99 seconds was set by the squadron in the same squad on June 3 in Regensburg. This was the fastest time among all the semi-finalists in EM. In the World Cup, the season in the lead was eliminated.

German relay gives hope

The women’s relay finished second behind France in the semi-finals. Alexandra Berghardt, Lisa Mayer, Jessica Bianca Wesoli and Rebecca Haas reached the finish after 43.33 seconds, France was 43.24 seconds. In general, the German women, who would still be competing without European champion Gina Lokenkemper, took fifth place in the semi-finals.

Athletics at the European Championships: The return of the semi-finals 4 x 100m women’s relay.

Lückenkemper participation will be determined on Saturday only

Lokenkember was knocked out with a left knee injury that required stitches after her victory on Tuesday night. She cut herself in the fall with her thorns. According to what she said, the decision on her participation in the final of the season should not be taken until Saturday. Alexandra Burghart initially left her heat participation open after entering the 200m final on Friday night and Thursday night. At the World Cup in July, the German relay surprisingly won bronze.

Men’s relay in the stadium tour as an eyelash final

The final of the men’s 4x400m relay race was a nail bite. The German quartet held sixth place for a while, then seemed to work its way up to third thanks to Patrick Schneider, before signing Manuel Sanders into the last sprint in a sprint. In the end, the target image was defined with 0.01 s of the DLV sequence.

DLV-Frauen Staffel benefits from disqualification

For women, Alica Schmidt, Mona Meyer, Jessica-Bianca Wesoli, and Luna Thiel started at DLV. Wessolly had previously completed the sprint relay. The quartet finished fourth behind the Netherlands, Ireland and Switzerland with a time of 3.27.92 minutes. It wasn’t enough, but a Czech got into the racetrack in the previous round – her disqualification was the luck of the Germans.

Local champion Hering stunned over 800m – unlucky Kohlberg

Local champion Christina Hering surprisingly reached the final over the 800m (Saturday, 8:15 p.m.). The 27-year-old qualified for the final after 2:00.86 minutes in fourth place in the semi-finals.

High Jump: Jungfleisch in the EM . Final

Also in the European Championship final, Mary Lawrence Youngflich is a high jumper. The bronze medalist from Berlin 2018 entered the final on Sunday (7:05 pm) with a jump of 1.87 metres.

Weber and Hoffmann javelin in the final – Ruhler fails

Julian Webber, on the other hand, reaches his first major medal in the final (Sunday, 7.50 p.m.). The man from Mainz could not manage the already required 83.50 meters in the rain, but he managed to cross confidently with 80.99 metres. And Andreas Hoffmann (77.29) also reached the final. Under difficult conditions, only Jacob Fadelge, who finished second at the Olympics and third at the World Championships, qualified better than Webber with a jump of 81.81 metres.

Rio Olympic champion and defending champion Thomas Rohler failed after a poor performance in the javelin preliminaries. The 30-year-old did not exceed 71.31 meters and ended up finishing last in the first set.

Athletics at the European Championships in Munich: Friday morning session with qualifying for the full relay, javelin and high jump.