June 19, 2024

Europe: Secession from Great Britain: Scotland announces referendum

Europe: Secession from Great Britain: Scotland announces referendum

Like all movie lovers at the latest since then brave heart You know, the English and the Scots were never as green as the Highlands in the spring. Ago Scottish general election In May 2021 more than a year has passed. judgment Scottish National Party (SNP) was not able to secure the majority of seats (one is missing), but managed to win Scottish Green Party Formation of a coalition government.

Both parties defend Scottish independence, and how exactly before the elections There is a majority in the Scottish Parliament as a whole in favor of a new referendum on independence and the establishment of a sovereign Scottish state. After years of inaction due to the pandemic, the Scottish government has breathed new life into independence with two important announcements.

This week, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon revealed her government’s plans to make good on its pledge to hold a referendum on independence by the end of 2023. The Scottish government aims to hold a referendum on independence. 19. OkOctober 2023. However, the British government does not agree to vote. Therefore, the Chief Legal Adviser to the Scottish Government, Lord’s Advocateasks the UK’s Supreme Court to rule whether the Scottish Parliament can hold a referendum on its own.

A few weeks ago, sturgeon tried to revive the debate over Scottish independence. With her colleague from the Green Party Sturgeon explainedIt’s time for a new debate about independence. In parallel, the Scottish government published one Report, which compares the economic and social record of the United Kingdom and other European countries and aims to show that Scotland would be in a better position as an independent country. For the Scottish National Party, the issue of independence is now at the heart of Scottish politics.

For the Scottish National Party, the issue of independence is now at the heart of Scottish politics.

The debate over Scottish independence has always existed two elementsIn addition to the procedural question of whether a referendum should be held, there is also the substantive question of whether Scotland should ever become independent. In recent years, the focus has been on procedural discussion. The political dispute between the Scottish and British governments over a new referendum has been at a standstill since 2017. Consensus on this cannot be reached between parties in the Scottish Parliament or between the governments in Edinburgh and London.

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Therefore, it is noteworthy that the SNP made a conscious decision to launch a campaign for re-independence before the referendum plans were announced. The June report is set to be followed by a series of publications in the coming months Building New Scotland Follow. According to Sturgeon, topics range from economics, finance, currency, welfare, and pensions to The European Union is deadMembership, Trade, Defense and Security. Taken together, these reports contain the Scottish government’s call for independence in the run-up to the referendum due to take place by the end of next year.

Two aspects of the new campaign stand out. First, publish New Scotland-Reports of a departure from the strategy followed in the run-up to the 2014 independence referendum. At the time, the Scottish government announced one by one. 650 pagesTen report themed Scotland’s future for sovereignty. Despite its size, this report is still accused of being vague and hot. with the New ScotlandIn the series, the SNP would like to prevent similar criticism by addressing the core topics of substantive discussion in a purposeful and planned manner.

Second, the Scottish government focuses its energies on substantive debate. The New ScotlandReports should primarily present arguments for independence to convince voters of the merits. They do not mean to answer the unresolved question of how the referendum would be conducted if the British government rejected it. It therefore seems a bit strange to start a new campaign for the independence referendum when the referendum itself has not yet been agreed upon between Edinburgh and London. This indicates pressure on the SNP and the Greens, with both parties committing to a referendum as well as future sovereignty.

Opinion polls in recent months show that voters are divided on the constitutional question.

Since the Scottish government first raised the question of a new independence referendum after Brexit, it has consistently called for a “legal” and “constitutional” referendum. So the goal is to achieve independence in a solid way if the voters decide to do so. This goal can only be achieved in cooperation with the British Government. However, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson repeated the same after last year’s Scottish Parliament elections clearerHe is unwilling to talk about it. Against this backdrop, the SNP is now eschewing procedural issues and turning its attention to campaign arguments away from external negotiations. The Scottish Government can present these arguments to the people directly, at its own direction and according to its own schedule.

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An independence referendum can lead to sovereignty, and a popular majority for independence can lead to a referendum. survey In recent months it appears that voters are divided on the constitutional question, with the pro-British side advancing little. The SNP and the Greens are optimistic enough to push forward with full force on their campaign again and will now demand more support for their cause. The campaign will now focus more on people who oppose Brexit but have previously rejected independence and may be persuaded with strong arguments and perspective. It primarily targets this group of people New Scotland-Reports.

Party members and the pro-independence movement in general are pressing relentlessly on the leadership of the SNP to make tangible progress on sovereignty. If the Scottish National Party, which has been calling for a new referendum for years, now promises to have a referendum by the end of next year, it must deliver on that promise completely. If the party runs the next general election in Scotland in May 2026 without a referendum, it could be penalized by its traditional constituency. The party’s survival and leadership also depend on the government’s new independence strategy.

The Scottish National Party has now officially launched its independence campaign. Specifically, you will aim to draw public attention to the publication New ScotlandDirecting conflicting reports and arguments on the core issues of discussion. However, the party cannot deny that it is procedurally at a dead end in its dialogue with the British government. The Scottish government can make its case for independence independently – and there is a lot to be said for doing so. In order to have a referendum and a viable path to sovereignty through it, you must come to an agreement with the British government one way or another. This fact cannot be disputed.

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Translated from the English Anne Emert