Europa-Park: Will Liechtenstein now also be part?


Will Europa-Park surprise you on Saturday?

According to rumors, Europa-Park is planning its own region for the Principality of Liechtenstein. This is intended to bring the “Balloon Ride” attraction, which was recently banned from the park, back to life.


According to rumors, the Liechtenstein theme area will be located in the Europa-Park.

Europe Garden

  • According to rumors, the Europa-Park will house the Liechtenstein region in the future.

  • The main attraction is the “Balloon Ride”, which returns to Europa-Park after a year’s absence.

  • The Europa Park media office did not want to confirm these rumors, but did not deny them either.

According to rumors, Europapark can wake up from hibernation with a surprise. The doors of the amusement park are open on Saturdays and visitors may come to Enjoy a new allure: If you believe the Europa-Park experts and their YouTube videos, the Liechtenstein recreation area will soon be launched in the park.

This will be set up at the point where the lake with remote control boats was previously located. It has long been said that this lake, which is part of the theme of England, should be pumped out and re-designed. thus Liechtenstein next to Switzerland Lying – true to geographical reality.

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The “airship flight” was transferred to Liechtenstein

Europa-Park experts also believe they know what attractions the themed region will host: The “Europark Traveler” YouTube channel reports that the well-known “balloon flight” will be moved to the “Liechtenstein region”. The attraction is also known to many under the name “Flight of Icarus”, since it was located in the Greek-themed area until 2022 – after which it was dismantled.

Experts claim that Europa-Park will be expanded to include the Liechtenstein theme area.

YouTube/Europe Park Traveler

The Liechtensteiner Weg awaits visitors as an added bonus. Originally, this led to several hiking stages through all eleven municipalities of the Principality. In the miniature version of Europa-Park, the panels attached to an already existing path are meant to provide information about the art and culture of the tiny country. A “Liechtensteiner Platz” will also be created in the themed area – this should be similar to the well-known “Luxembourg Platz”.

The rumors have not been confirmed

Europa Park’s media office did not want to confirm the insider’s reports. As “Liechtensteiner Vaterland” wrote, they didn’t deny the rumors either. Instead, the theme park’s media office pointed to a media conference on Thursday, which should provide more information.

Most of the comments on a YouTube video are in a happy mood. Many are passionate about innovation and are already looking forward to venturing into the new subject area. “I am really happy with this year’s innovations. The park is always improving itself and giving us one of the most beautiful places in the world,” says one commenter.

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