Europa Park gears up to open – no date yet

Since November 2020 Europa Park All calm. The opening strategies are too late now, the head of the theme park recently told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. But park officials want to speculate when it can start over On the other side of “Badische Zeitung” Don’t get carried away. “The administration does not want to comment on the closure at this time,” the brief statement said.

In 2020 alone, Europa-Park lost more than 100 million euros in sales, Roland Mack told the Badische Zeitung last October, when the park was allowed to open with a limited visitor capacity after its first shutdown over the summer. This was about 60 percent of our usual trading volume. For 2021, the park assumes a 30 percent decrease in sales.

Despite the lockdown, the park is realizing new attractions. The largest project the company is currently implementing is the new outdoor area Wasserpark Rulantica. There will be a large outdoor water playground with slides up to 51 meters long. This facility is scheduled to open on May 22, 2021, provided the outdoor swimming pools are permitted to open at this time.

A few days ago it was also announced that a new garden restaurant was planned: Itrenalin. Food and adrenaline should be part of the program there. Then, in a future building, the restaurant’s guests will be transported to manageable chairs and tables in different places, where dishes adapted to the visual environment are served. Construction is scheduled to begin before Pentecost, and opening will follow in the fall.

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