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Euro 2020: Ronaldo and Portugal fail in the round of 16 against Belgium

Euro 2020: Ronaldo and Portugal fail in the round of 16 against Belgium

Eden Hazard (right) is the first to want to win after his brother Thorgan’s winning goal. Photo: cornerstone

Missing the defending champion – Ronaldo loses, Portugal in the second round against Belgium

Defending champion Portugal failed early in the European Championship. The team with star Cristiano Ronaldo loses the round of 16 to Belgium 0: 1.

The Belgians had to survive a few moments of anxiety in the final stage, even moving into the quarter-finals and comparison with Italy in Munich on Friday dry. Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois saved Robin Dias’ head with his fists (82), one minute later Rafael Guerrero was unlucky when his weaker right foot shot fell on the post. And shortly before the end of the original time, Courtois had to risk his head and neck again when André Silva appeared alone in front of him.

First round on the 16th of the day:

Even Ronaldo cannot direct it against the “Red Devils”. Photo: cornerstone

The Portuguese equaliser and therefore the half-hour extension was worth. Appearing to the wall, coach Fernando Santos unleashed the tactical handcuffs. He changed Bruno Fernandes in the 55th minute and for the first time in this tournament also the young Joao Felix. The changes had an effect. Portugal increased the pressure, immediately creating two chances through Diogo Jota and Felix and pushing the Belgians further and further into their own half. The game finally got up to speed.

Previously, he did not fulfill what the commentator promised at the Olympic Stadium in Seville. Before the break, both teams exercised caution, after the break, errors and gestures ensured that the flow of the match was interrupted again and again. In the last stage, German referee Felix Brych had to be careful not to let the match slip after he did not intervene strictly in some situations in the first half.

For their part, the Belgians did not give a convincing performance despite their success. Only one of the six shutdowns on the gate was closed – but this one sat. After the two teams, who scored seven goals each in the preliminary round, neutralized each other for nearly half, Thorgan Hazard put the Belgians ahead. VPVB striker Rui Patricio grabbed a flutter ball from 20 meters in the 42nd minute. The Wolverhampton Wanderers goalkeeper, one of the European champions five years ago, let himself be fooled and missed.

The only goal of the match should remain: Thorgan Hazard scored well for the Belgian leadership. Video: SRF

“It was a complicated game. Both teams wait for the opponent to make a mistake. The Portuguese dominated us in the second half – Thibaut Courtois saved us several times and we were lucky when we hit the post. But you need that in these tournaments and you have to win matches like this.”

Top scorer Thorgan Hazard

As the match went on, the Belgians had more space for counter-attacks, but the “Red Devils” were unable to use it, which also had to do with Kevin De Bruyne’s failure. The Manchester City midfielder was forced to leave the field in a daze shortly after the break after being badly fouled by Balinha shortly before the break. De Bruyne was injured at the start of the tournament.

De Bruyne never recovered from such a difficult start – he was substituted shortly after the break. Photo: cornerstone

“The game plan gave us a sense of superiority. We weren’t so lucky when we conceded because the shot took a strange trajectory. In the second half, we completely controlled and were very close to scoring, but the ball didn’t want to go in.”

Portugal defender Ruben Dias

Belgium – Portugal (1-0)
Seville. 11,000 spectators. SR Brech (Germany).
Tor: 42. Thorne Hazard 1:0.
Belgium: Courtois. Alderweireld, Vermaelen, Vertonghen; Meunier, Tielemans, Witsel, Thorgan Hazard (95. Dendoncker); de Bruyne (48. Mertens), Eden Hazard (87. Carrasco); Lukaku.
Portugal: Rui Patricio Dalot, Bebe, Dias, Warrior; Straw (78. Danilo); Bernardo Silva (55. Bruno Fernandez), Moutinho (55. Joao Felix), Sanchez (78. Sergio Oliveira), Jota (70. André Silva); Ronaldo.
Notes: Belgium without Castañe (injured). De Bruyne is out injured. Portugal completely. 83 shot after that on Guerreiro.
Warnings: 45. Balinha (bean) 51. Dalot (bean) 72. Vermaelene (bean) 77. Baby (bean) 81. Alderweireld (bean).

EM . Quarter-finals

Friday, July 2, 6:00 p.m.
Croatia / Spain – France / Switzerland
Friday, July 2, 9:00 p.m.
Italy – Belgium
Saturday 3 July, 6:00 pm مساء
Denmark – Czech Republic
Saturday 3 July, 9:00 pm مساء
England / Germany – Sweden / Ukraine

Big Brother has known it for five years: “Thorgan is better than Eden.”





Coil: Keystone / Hugo Fino

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