December 2, 2023

EU-US Summit - Shared values ​​are not necessarily the same interests - News

EU-US Summit – Shared values ​​are not necessarily the same interests – News


Diplomats on both sides of the Atlantic spent weeks preparing for the EU-US summit in Brussels. In the run-up to the presidential meeting, EU officials gleefully spoke of an entirely new quality of cooperation. Even after discounting professional whitening, there is still enough substance in the matter to believe it.

The European Union and the United States are suspending the perennial row over government aid to aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus – after 17 years. The European Union and the United States had backed their aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Boeing for years and then each sued to distort competition.

The pandemic has revealed differences

The European Union has reason to be optimistic that there will be renewed momentum in cooperation with the United States. The undisputed transatlantic partnership is based on strong shared democratic values. But this does not necessarily mean shared interests.

The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed differences. The European Union produced vaccines for the whole world, and exported half of the doses to all parts of the world. The United States did the opposite: it imposed an export ban: “America First”.

There are also fundamental differences compared to its strategic competitor, China. The European Union is struggling to find a common line among its 27 member states. The European Union is looking for a way to please the United States and not betray its own interests.

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The European Union has to solve many problems by itself

Even in the eternal Brexit dispute with the United Kingdom, the United States lukewarmly supports the European Union. The United States has an interest in preventing a trade dispute. It is said that Joe Biden spoke to the conscience of Boris Johnson. In return, he made no promises to the European Union. Biden confined himself to calling for a compromise. Deliberately did not make a contribution to find a solution.

The first trip of the President of the United States to Europe may be encouraging. Perhaps the European Union has found an old friend again. After the euphoric man Biden departs, the European Union is left alone and faced with a host of problems that it has to solve on its own.