April 23, 2024

EU-Mercosur dispute + World Bank reform + UK climate plan • Climate agenda

dear reader,

António Guterres warns that “everything, everywhere, at once” must happen in order to tackle the climate crisis. But in politics, progress is often only made in small steps: Great Britain Climate protection has had to give way to energy security issues in recent months. new government climate plan will A little inventive Criticize and represent too No new money ready. In the Trade agreement between the European Union and Mercosur countries Sustainability issues are being – once again – wrestled. There is back and forth regarding the already-negotiated contract, but it is highly controversial.

And so is she Reform of the World Bank There was not much success in the spring conference. in climate finance Progress is generally slow. In an interview, Annie Dasgupta, president of the World Resources Institute, called for more commitment from the World Bank Take advantage of private funds. But private investors love Wealth and pension funds New NGO research shows there are still trillions of dollars invested in fossil fuel companies. As well as from new players such as China There has been very little in the climate finance space in recent years.

A small glimmer of hope at the end: when Expansion of wind and solar energy The pace is right. Many countries have greatly expanded wind and solar power in recent years. But the same applies here: stay on the ball and increase the tempo!