February 23, 2024

EU citizens in Great Britain have trouble - an initiative that criticizes the treatment

EU citizens in Great Britain have trouble – an initiative that criticizes the treatment

London. The3million organization, which fights for EU citizens in Great Britain, has criticized the country’s dealings with EU citizens after Brexit. “We can already see that many EU citizens, who should be effectively protected by the exit agreement, fall into a so-called“ hostile environment, ”said co-founder of the organization, Mike Bonn, DPA.“ Your purely digital status is not recognized by the banks, ” It is questioned at borders, and employers question it as well. “

The so-called EU Settlement Plan aims to ensure that EU citizens who lived in Great Britain before December 31, 2020, largely the same rights that were before Brexit – such as the right to live and work in the country and use government health services it takes. Citizens can apply until the end of June.

Many people lose their rights

The3million is calling for an extension of this deadline and the UK Home Office to make EU citizens at risk in the country more aware of when the deadline will expire. “I am extremely concerned that many of these people will be denied their rights in the UK on June 31, and that there is no mechanism in place to secure their immigration status,” Boone said. “So it’s tempting to say – come home, here’s the plane ticket.”

Under the voluntary repatriation program, people in the UK can apply for financial aid or airline tickets if they want to leave the country. Upon request, the Home Office said that at the start of the year, those concerned were informed that this also applies to post-Brexit EU citizens. However, it was not an explicit advertisement. Encourage everyone to apply for the settlement program in a timely manner – as five million EU citizens have already done in the UK. More funds for this purpose have been released recently.

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