EU and USA: Russia responsible for the failure of the satellite network KA-Sat

EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Joseph Borel has blamed Russia for the failure of the KA-Sat satellite network. The United States and Great Britain see Russia behind a cyber attack on February 24, 2022, an hour before Russian troops invade Ukraine. It also affected the remote controls of wind turbines in Europe.

“The European Union and its member states, along with its international partners, strongly condemn the Russian Federation’s malicious cyber activities against Ukraine, which target KA-Sat, a Viasat – enabled satellite network.” Says in a statement. The cyber attack disrupted communication between many officials, companies and users in Ukraine, thereby facilitating the Russian invasion. Many EU member states have been hit by network failures.

In this context, Borel stressed that cyber-attacks on Ukraine, which target important infrastructure, could spread to other countries and endanger the security of European citizens. This is from London, The research of the British and American secret services “with reasonable certainty” The Russian military intelligence service GRU was behind the cyber attacks on Ukrainian government websites in mid-January this year and the February 24 attacks. It mainly targeted the Ukrainian military, but also affected other Viasat customers. The United States assisted Ukraine with equipment to access the Internet through Starling.

On February 24, tens of thousands of broadband modems owned by satellite network operator Viasat were disabled by Viper malware, according to IT security firm SentinelOne. An unknown attacker explores the internal network, gains privileged access, and overwrites sensitive data in modem memory with “destructive mechanisms”. According to Vizat, tens of thousands of terminals are unusable and cannot be repaired.

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British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss sees the incident as clear evidence of Russia’s planned and malicious attack on Ukraine. This had significant consequences for ordinary people and businesses throughout Ukraine and throughout Europe. This has been pointed out by the Danish government5800 windmills have been affected in Central Europe

According to the report, the EU is now considering additional measures to “prevent such malicious behavior in cyberspace.” The EU will continue to provide integrated political, financial and material support to Ukraine to strengthen its resilience against cyber attacks.


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