June 24, 2024

Epson warns of unresolved issues with printers and scanners › ifun.de

Epson warns of unresolved issues with printers and scanners › ifun.de

Epson, the Japanese supplier of peripherals best known for its printers, has warned that its products may not be compatible with Apple’s new Mac operating system macOS Ventura. The update that Apple still tonight It will be available for general availability, may adversely affect the functionality of the individual products of the Provider.

Epson wants to know which devices and features will be affected on the help site in the coming days macOS Ventura (13.x) support Summarize, which is currently only available in the Japanese language version, but the provider’s English and German language support area should also be expanded soon.

Compatibility list in progress

over here Epson has also begun compiling a compatibility list for macOS Ventura, which in the coming days will list all inkjet printers, scanners, lasers and smart charging printers that are still having issues with the macOS Monterey successor.

The provider currently lists several specific daily issues that (can) arise when using internal hardware with the latest Apple operating system. Including the following:

  • Users who have two or more printers connected to their system can no longer easily switch printers in the printer list. If a printer other than the default printer is selected, the contents of the screen remain blank and several error messages are displayed.
  • SMB shares connected to the printer cannot be processed. Failed to access the corresponding Finder when trying to establish a connection to the server. Attempts to write to the corresponding devices also fail.
  • Trap is no longer used after users change the paper size. Manual inspection is necessary before each printing.
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