July 15, 2024

Eonstor GS G3: Infortrend updates unified storage solutions

Eonstor GS G3: Infortrend updates unified storage solutions

Eonstor GS G3 is the third generation of storage solutions from the Taiwanese manufacturer Infortrend. With improved performance and greater flexibility, it is recommended for use with mission-critical applications – from backup to healthcare imaging to high-performance computing.

Information direction It has the third generation of unified storage solutions EonStor GS Foot. Consists of the series GS 4000U G3 And the GS 3000T G3. This includes several scalable SAS HDD and SAS SSD systems that combine file, block, and object storage options. It is suitable for use in NAS and SAN as well as cloud gateway. According to the manufacturer, the third generation offers a performance increase of up to 50 percent. With the iteration now introduced, it also sees it as a storage foundation for business-critical applications.

In the current third generation, Infortrend equips Eonstor GS models with the latest Intel Xeon D– Processors with PCIe Gen4 architecture and 25 Gb Ethernet. Thus, storage boxes achieve a read speed of 16 GB / s and a write speed of 12 GB / s. This is the opposite Eonstor GS 2nd Generation Storage Solutions 45 or 50 percent more.

The Eonstor GS series consists of five basic models with different form factors. Between 12 and 60 cockpits are accommodated in two, three or four height units. At the beginning of the third generation, two HU variants, each with 24 engines, will be offered in both groups. Infortrend ships with manufacturer-selected NVME SSDs.

for Eonstor GS 3024UT G3 Infortrend calls up to 950,000 IOPS and data transfer rate of 24/10 GB/s (write/read operations). Up to four devices can be combined to increase performance and capacity. There are four built-in host ports with 25 Gigabit (SFP28) as standard. The number of drives can be increased to 896 via expansion enclosures. Up to 3,584 motors with a total capacity of 50 PB can be powered in an assembly by scaling it up with other Infortrend devices.

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Model Eonstor GS 4024U G3 Creates up to 1.1 million IOPS with a data transfer capacity of 24/12 GB/s. Scale and expansion options are identical to the GS 3024UT G3. They also do not differ in other functions – from optional interfaces to software functionality, supported operating systems to integration with cloud providers.

The manufacturer has not yet provided any information on pricing and availability. New products are not yet listed at retailers. In the previous generation, the base model equipped with 16 x 12 TB hard drives with a single console (32 GB of RAM) cost just under 12,000 euros, with the optional dual console, which is now standard, costs just over 15,000 euro. Prices for new models are likely to be slightly higher due to better equipment and better performance.

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