June 20, 2024

Entertainment Retailers Association: Nintendo Switch is the most successful entertainment format in the UK – ntower

One worldwide Nintendo Switch success Don’t want to tear it down. According to the Recreational Retailers Association, or ERA for short, the hybrid is at the top despite its 12.5 percent loss compared to last year. Most profitable media formats He stepped up in the entertainment field. In the first 35 weeks of 2022, Nintendo Switch unit sales generated revenues of around £89 million (about €102 million), leaving competitors far behind. The console is closely followed by RecordsAn increase of 12.5 percent compared to the previous year. The biggest losers are the Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles as well as PCs. You can see the prepared data in a clear table here:

© Entertainment Retailers Association

CEO Kim Bailey commented on the success of the registry as follows:

Quote from Kim Bailey

The rise of vinyl seems unstoppable. The fact that the 74-year-old analog format dwarfs the digital-age technology of gaming consoles is quite extraordinary. Ten years after its rise back into the mainstream, the vinyl revival is certainly here to stay.

What do you think of the table? Did you expect the Nintendo Switch to continue to achieve such success?

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