February 22, 2024

Entertaining, informative and inspiring: the world of Swiss television presents itself in its old freshness

Entertaining, informative and inspiring: the world of Swiss television presents itself in its old freshness

Like every year, this year’s movie show was a great place to eat.

Hosts Admeira and Goldbach didn’t serve up their fine coffee creations, ice cream and sandwiches under a huge balloon in Hall 622 in Zurich Oerlikon on a Thursday afternoon: the TV appetizers served in particular whet the appetite for more.

The bottom line of the stations marketed by Admeira is: focus on football and excitement on SRG channels, and a lot of entertainment on private stations.

Danitsa, winner of the SRF Best Talent Award from Geneva, opened the show with a powerful voice. Then the presenter SRF led the show in a sporty and entertaining way Annette Ficherin And the Jennifer Bouchard.

After SRG’s show, a powerful live performance of “Real Rhythms” sent the hall trembling.

TF1, TFX, and TMC presented their highlights in the trailer, including a new season of “Koh-Lanta, The Voice” and “Ninja Warrior.” Reality TV is also on the show.

Tele Regio Combi (TRC) stations continue to focus on regional public service through news and talk shows.

Then came the stations marketed by Goldbach. Here entertainment far outweighs the rest.

Moderated after demo video about replaying new ads Marco Fritsch Media display block CH. Among other things, he welcomed the managing directors to the stage Roger Sener The Swiss director Michael Steiner. At CH Media, among other things, the fourth season of “Sing my Song – The Swiss Exchange Concert” is imminent.

The news was from RTL Germany media house from Sasha SchwengelVice President of TV and Entertainment at RTL Germany, and TV presenter Laura Wontora Gifts. Your broadcasters want to “entertain, inform, and inspire” all at once.

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Another season of “Rich Your Way – Ready to Get Your Talent” is coming to Blue Sport and Blue Zoom. Talents and coaches checked by Lou & LeducAnd the Stress And the Naomi Larin announced.

SevenOne stations also presented their innovations. For example, ProSieben is launching a new dating show called “Love is King”.

SAT.1 announces more than 15 new programs. This includes, for example, “Doc Caro – Commitment to the Heart.”