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What does it mean to own a football club in the Premier League right now?

New rules and guidelines have made it very difficult to acquire and own a top English club in 2023.
In this article we will look at the implications of this New rules changes Deal in detail and examine whether it will have an impact on English football in the future, because extensive scrutiny of the financial circumstances of potential individual buyers through more rigorous suitability tests – a change of ownership will have far-reaching implications for the Premier League, its clubs and the entire English football environment from 2023 – In the heart of changes.

current regulations

To own a football club, you need money and a lot of money. Not even an important one Lotto jackpot It will suffice to scratch the surface of what is required in this business. Even the owners of smaller clubs in the English Premier League often have billions to spare for investments in their beloved hobbies.
But speculation is that some wealthy people may also have ill intentions to take over a major sports club. The term wasn’t for nothing “sports wash” It was introduced, which refers to the practice, already practiced several times, of using sporting events or investments to improve the public image of a country or a company, for example, often subtly concealing human rights issues.

It is also for this reason that the Premier League is now implementing stricter ownership and investment checks to assess the ability and financial background of those interested in owning or at least having an interest in a club in England.

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This supervisory committee examines a variety of factors, including criminal convictions, bans from professional bodies and violations of applicable football laws. From this year onwards, future owners, purchasers or investors will have to undergo various checks, with checks relating to the respective season.
A dedicated section (F) of the Premier League guide refers to most of the financial regulations and details pre-existing interests that have already been carried out by certain clubs. Prospective purchasers can be rejected if they provide incomplete or misleading information to the supervisory authority. From now on, it is strictly forbidden to exercise influence over other clubs, to hold shares in several clubs at the same time, or to hold positions on several boards at the same time.
However, as global interest in English clubs continues to grow, the Premier League is also planning to reconsider its human rights rules. Richard Masters, chief executive of the Premier League, last year took credit for scrutinizing individual clubs’ ownership and board members and suggested the possibility of introducing additional controls aimed at increasing transparency within clubs. He also suggested the establishment of an independent oversight body to be included in the decision-making process.

Conversations were also with Amnesty International held to discuss potential changes to eligibility criteria that will affect the entire football landscape, including the Football Association and the English Premier League.

These changes will lead to a realignment of the organizational system which will make it more difficult for potential buyers to take over, or at least own, stakes in an English Premier League club.
But what do these changes look like in detail?

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2023 updates

Perhaps the most visible and visible change to the takeover rules is to prevent those subject to UK government sanctions for human rights violations from owning or managing First Division clubs. These innovations in rule changes once per season are also now applied to existing owners or investors. However, it is assumed that this structural change will not affect The ownership structure of Saudi Arabia To Newcastle United or pending acquisitions related to the Emirate of Qatar, as neither the country nor its executives are on the UK sanctions list.
Another innovation states that people under investigation for disqualifying conduct such as criminal activities or bankruptcy events can be prevented from owning clubs or taking any jobs. The changes reflect proposals in the government’s white paper for an independent football regulator and would also exclude many UK football club owners as they stand.
Individuals and companies who do not comply with the new rules will be announced in the future, put on an official list and will also appear in the Premier League’s annual compliance report for media coverage. League officials are also being asked to advise clubs in England’s top flight on upcoming reforms, which are likely to come into force after the league’s annual general meeting in June.

A safer future for the Premier League

After much criticism has been leveled at the Premier League and officials for lax ownership rules in the past, it can be assumed that the latest reforms will be welcomed by the vast majority of football fans, many of whom have been worried about them. Unclear developments in the direction in which their favorite sport will develop.
But there is still work to be done before Premier League clubs can be immune from the harmful influences of image. Further reforms will improve the Premier League’s performance and will be necessary to protect the league’s integrity, ensure financial stability and ensure an ethical and transparent environment that protects the interests of clubs, fans and the global football public.
The next few years will be difficult, but also interesting for the English Premier League, and if the plans are actually implemented, the strongest league in the world will regain its additional popularity and attractiveness and will also be noticeable in the increase in financial income. Further growth is also guaranteed here over the next few years.

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