October 1, 2023

English National Anthem: text, origin, melody - all info on "God Save the Queen"

English National Anthem: text, origin, melody – all info on “God Save the Queen”

Probably every kid has heard the anthem from the football grounds. Here Goal provides you with everything you need to know about “God Save the Queen”.

If the “Three Lions” face Italy this Sunday before the European Championship final (9 pm مساء Live Picker) lining up to sing the English national anthem at Wembley Stadium in London, packed with 60,000 spectators, which could provide one of the terrifying moments of this tournament.

“God Save the Queen” may not be able to keep up with the catchy melody of Italy’s national anthem, which is honed by players more passionately than almost any other player, but its England counterpart still stuck in his ears in European Championship matches. But what is behind the anthem?

Are you interested in “God save the Queen”? So you are exactly here! This article provides you with Goal All the information you need to know: In addition to the full words in the original translation and in the German translation, this also includes the genesis ، English national anthem.

English National Anthem: Text, Verses and Translation “God Save the Queen”

The English national anthem, or rather the national anthem of the United Kingdom, consists of six total pieces, but the European Football Championship is limited to the first. The last three verses of “God Save the Queen” are mostly no longer sung.

In addition, the lines always correspond to the gender of the head of state, so the nickname for almost 70 years was “God save the Queen” based on Queen Elizabeth II. If the king rules the monarchy, the line will be “God save the king” and the pronouns will be modified.

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“God Save the Queen”: the original text of the English national anthem

God save our dear queen,
Long live our noble queen,
God bless the Queen!
sent victoriously,
happy and great,
long to judge us;
God bless the Queen!

O Lord, arise our God.
scattered her enemies
and makes them fall.
confused in their policies,
thwart their vulgar tricks,
You have to fix our hopes,
God save us all!

Your selected gifts in store
She is pleased to pour;
It has long been said she is a king;
I hope you stand up for our laws,
And give us reason ever
to sing with heart and voice,
God bless the Queen!

English National Anthem: German Translation for “God Save the Queen”

God save our precious queen!
Long live our noble queen
God bless the Queen!
Let them win
Be happy and glorious
I hope you reign over us for a long time!
God bless the Queen!

Oh God, her eyes
They scattered their enemies
and put them down.
foil their tricks,
Fail their vile plans!
We place our hopes on you.
God save us all!

With your selected gifts
Feel free to shower them,
Long ago she had said she was a king
Please stand up for our laws
Always give us a reason
To sing with heart and voice:
God bless the Queen!

English National Anthem: Origin, Composer and Melody of “God Save the Queen”

There are many legends about the origin of “God Save the Queen” and to this day it has not been possible to clarify who wrote the British anthem in the original. Some sources suspect Henry Carey as the creator of the melody, but John Paul and Jean-Baptiste Lully are frequently mentioned.

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While the melody likely originated in the 17th century, the British anthem in its current form has been around since the 18th century. “God Save the King” was first performed in public in 1745 in London to honor King George II of Great Britain and Ireland.

The custom of greeting kings with song soon spread as they entered public spaces to other theaters, until “God Save the King” became known as the national anthem at the beginning of the 19th century. The text used to this day is the one sung in 1745.