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England: Bonnie Patrick banned from pubs

England: Bonnie Patrick banned from pubs

As of: 08/19/2022 4:12 PM

As a four-legged friend in high esteem: there were already such stories in ancient Rome. Bonnie Patrick has just been elected mayor in British Cockington – with a wink, but with tangible results.

Anna Mundt, ART Studio London

A celebrity can be seen at first glance. With a red blanket around his neck, a white collar and a gold horseshoe chain, Patrick, the mini Shetland pony in Cockington, Devon, attracts all the attention: the villagers want to take a selfie with their unofficial mayor or give Patrick a hug.

The pony carries the star hype with moderation. Because Patrick knows people well. When he’s not Mayor of Cockington, Patrick works as a therapy pony with his owners, Kirk and Hannah Petrakis, regularly visiting hospitals and mental health clinics. For many people out there, interacting with gentle animals like Patrick can be very healing.

Kirk and Hannah Petrakis travel a lot with Patrick – with and without formal wear.

Image: Eric Hastonk

A photo takes away the fear

Patrick slowly exits his horse trailer as nine-year-old Melissa watches. She waited all week for this appointment. A girl with autism suffers from anxiety and therefore regularly meets with a therapy pony.

For a long time, Melissa had trouble getting to her classroom. She’s getting better and better at it because she always has a photo of Patrick with her. “She has a very special relationship with Patrick, and that gives her enough confidence to get through difficult situations,” says her mother, Stella Williams.

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Patrick creates a good mood — and Kirk and Hannah Petrakis wanted to spread it on the Internet, too. During the pandemic, Patrick became a minor social media celebrity with short videos on Facebook and YouTube.

For Melissa, the connection with Patrick meant more courage to approach people.

Image: Eric Hastonk

A joke with consequences

That led him to the idea of ​​running for mayor, Kirk says — at first it was a joke. But then the petition reached hundreds of people; Quite remarkable for a small town like Cockington.

So Patrick got his mayoral robes at his own ceremony – and Cockington got lots of media inquiries from around the country. Even the Washington Post wrote an article about Bonnie Meyer.

Known from social media: Of course, Patrick is here too.

Image: Screenshot YouTube

The burdens of the office are limited

Of course, Patrick isn’t really a mayor – just an honorary mayor, charged with promoting tourism in idyllic Cockington. One of his main tasks is to spread good mood. He likes to do that by cutting the ribbon or chewing on it when schools or hospitals open.

Nevertheless, the pony mayor doesn’t seem to please everyone. A resident of the village reportedly reported Patrick. From then on, he was banned from his favorite place: the enclosure next to the horse pub, where the pony liked to drink beer with the townspeople after work.

Its owners used the pub to let the pony ride to its therapy sessions with loud background noise. But there is no planning permission for a small outdoor area built specifically for Patrick.

No more beer in Cockdington

“So many regulars come here to see Patrick,” says owner Kirk, “and Patrick really misses it.”

But the search for a new hangout didn’t last long. A few miles away in Sutleigh Knighton, Patrick is welcome – as Mayor of Cockington, as a therapist or as Patrick’s pony.

A pony as mayor – Stranger things from the island

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