England Anthem (EM 2021): Too short – and the title keeps changing

The Three Lions around Captain Harry Kane (right) in the national anthem.

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It belongs in sports: the national anthem. In the case of England it is very special – of course it will also be used in the European Championship 2021.

LONDON – These are often the first moments of goosebumps at a football match: the national anthems of the countries involved. Especially now, when the fans are once again allowed into the stadium for the European Championship 2021, there is often a very special atmosphere. And in some countries even more, because their anthem contains such a melody for a single day. This definitely includes English.

As “English” is not correct in this case. Of course the England national team is on the field, however: “God Save the Queen” is the song of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Furthermore: It is also one of the national anthems of New Zealand and the royal anthem of all the realms of the Commonwealth. This means: The following text is sung in various places around the world when it comes to formal occasions:

EM 2021: England’s national anthem – text “God Save the Queen”

God save our dear queen,
Long live our noble queen,
God bless the Queen!
sent victoriously,
happy and great,
long to judge us;
God bless the Queen!

In Germany:

God save our precious queen!
Long live our noble queen
God bless the Queen!
Let them win
Be happy and glorious
I hope you reign over us for a long time!
God bless the Queen!

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Of course, the national anthem is longer, but in the vast majority of cases, only one stanza of the text is sung – in all countries, in all events. The text and melody are said to have come from the pen of the English poet and composer Henry Carey, but soon doubts arose. The work has been a national anthem since about 1800.

Sometimes the national anthem of England changes the title and lyricsكلمات

“God Save the Queen” contains six tracks, but the last of them are no longer sung these days. It is noticeable that the English goosebumps in football tournaments usually end very quickly, because the hair is relatively short. And another special feature: the anthem is constantly changing!

why is that? Of course, Queen Elizabeth II is currently being sung – and has been for nearly 70 years. Before the start of its standard term, the anthem was still called “God Save the King.” At the time, of course, it was about her father and King George VI, so nicknames and syllables always correspond to the gender of the current queen or current king. (akl)

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