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England: 98 years old working as a postman in a nursing home

England: 98 years old working as a postman in a nursing home

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Not because of retirement: the 98-year-old works as a postman – and great joy!

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Still working in old age? The 98-year-old England native loves to do this and is very happy to have the Postman in his retirement home. (Icon picture)

Most of us can’t wait to enjoy our well-deserved retirement. But it is quite different with an Englishman. At 98 years old, he still works as a part-time postman. Even the Royal Mail likes this.

Let’s be honest: Most of us look forward to the retirement we deserve after a certain age. But after forty years in business, this has become more than understandable. But not everyone wants to retire. Not even 98 years older than England. Instead of enjoying his old age with his grandchildren, The 98-year-old works as a postman in his retirement home. Even the UK National Postal Service does not go unnoticed by this level of commitment. To honor what may be the world’s oldest postman, Royal Mail has now decided to send its most loyal employees a real service uniform.

England: 98 years old working as a postman in a nursing home

Still working in old age? For most people, this certainly wouldn’t be an option. But British pensioner Ray Stanley sees things differently. Because after the Briton had to move to a nursing home, the pensioner quickly fell off the roof. So he decided to go back to work even though he is 98 years old. Since Stanley wants to remain active even into his old age, he “applies” to be a postman in the elderly home. His request has already been submitted.

Since then, the 98-year-old, accompanied by an employee, has distributed mail to 68 residents of the nursing home, according to Dorset Life. The retiree takes his new job very seriously. Because every day he finishes his birth on schedule at 2 p.m. But in addition to delivery on time, perhaps the most important thing is to enjoy your time. And the 98-year-old really seems to have it. The 98-year-old loves a lively exchange with the other residents. “It gives me a chance to talk to other residents that I might not see every day in another way,” Stanley said.

Impresses the Royal Mail and gives the pensioner a real postman costume

But he especially likes having his mail delivered in the so-called “Memory Lane,” where dementia sufferers live. “I feel like I can bring them some joy,” said the old man. But the task isn’t stress-free either, because Stanley sometimes has to hand over 100 letters at Christmas. In addition, the home for the elderly has three floors, which must be delivered with letters every day.

This difficult job has not gone unnoticed by the Royal Mail, the UK’s national postal service. I was so impressed with the 98-year-old’s work that she probably sent her older colleague a real postman costume. And Stanley? Since then, he has been wearing his elegant uniform to work every day.


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