Emmabuntu’s Debian Edition 4-1.03 has been released

Wednesday, March 1, 2023, Fabian Char

On February 27, the Emmabuntüs group released a new sub-release 1.03 of the Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 4 distribution. The development focus has always been on supporting older hardware. Therefore, the distro is used by some social organizations, above all the Emmaus community on donated hardware.

With the new version, additional software is basically integrated. Emmabuntüs is also designed for use without a permanent Internet connection: if you install the distribution, you will get a stable operating system based on Debian 11.6.

The myriad pre-installed applications should encourage users to delve deeper into free software. Xfce and LXQt are offered as working environments.

It is also important for developers that the distribution be as barrier-free as possible. Emmabuntüs Cairo-Dock delivers, which can be adapted to the user’s prior knowledge via pre-defined profiles. The goal is to make Emmabuntüs accessible to beginners and students.

In the new version 4/1.03, the tool “parentsIt has been added to the distribution software inventory. The tool allows parents to limit their children’s internet browsing behavior. To simplify the initial setup, Emmabuntüs provides a script. Also, the developers explain the functionality of the program in one Detailed tutorial in English on the project site.

Moreover, Emmabuntüs now also installs “get deb“and a proper graphical front end”DeborahBefore. This allows management of Debian packages provided by third parties using an apt-get-like terminal syntax and a Flutter-based GUI.

In addition to the actual innovations, Firefox ESR, Thunderbird and Ventoy packages multi system And an updated Warpinator. For starters, version 11.4 of Debian Beginner’s Guide It contains.

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More detailed information about Emmabuntüs and the new version is available at Project page And in due time Release notes to exist. Those interested can download the distribution at emmabuntus.org/download download.

picture: Patrick DimapontusAnd CC BY-SA 4.0.1 Updatevia Wikimedia Commons

Note: Good morning to everyone who is already reading this text at 6 am. 🙂

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