May 18, 2024

Emirates unveils high-end design for the new Airbus A380 aircraft;  Distinguished economy

Emirates unveils high-end design for the new Airbus A380 aircraft; Distinguished economy

  • Emirates gives its new Airbus A380 an interior upgrade with each cabin getting improvements.
  • Economy Class will receive ‘ergonomically designed’ seats with leather headrests and tray tables in wood finish.
  • The Premium Economy will also make its airline debut with 56 elegant cabin seats.
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Emirates is one of the few airlines still using the Airbus A380, a dying breed of aircraft Soon Airbus production stops. But the world’s largest A380 operator has not given up on the world’s largest airliner.

The giant carrier in the Middle East on Tuesday reveal A complete overhaul of its flagship aircraft sees every cabin receive improvements and even the addition of a premium economy class, a first for the 35-year-old Emirates Airlines. The first A380 aircraft complete with upgrades has already arrived in Dubai with more deliveries in the next two years.

Emirates is known for its luxury aircraft, such as Insider’s Rachel Heose found it while she was cruising the airline’s A380 at the 2019 Dubai AirshowAnd it spares no expenses, especially in its premium cabins. In First Class on the A380, for example, passengers not only sit in gold-plated private suites, but also have access to the master bathroom with its own shower.

And while other airlines have moved to abandon the A380 during the pandemic due to its high operating costs, Emirates still has little credit for the plane. “It’s luxurious,” CEO Sir Tim Clark told Business Insider’s. David Slotnik in an interview in July. “And people absolutely love it. They’re still trying their best to reach 380.”

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Peek inside one of Emirates’ new Airbus A380s.