Emirates Airlines wants to abolish paper boarding passes

From print to digital, starting next week, most Emirates passengers will be required to show a mobile boarding pass.

Anyone traveling from Dubai next week may be required to have a digital boarding pass. The UAE airline, Arab Emirates, has announced that it will increasingly use digital boarding passes. how businesstraveler.com reported, the airline will also email checked baggage receipts directly to passengers to reduce paper usage.

There are some exceptions

Emirates is increasingly turning to digital alternatives. The airline has introduced its first check-in robot, which will be used in the center of Dubai’s financial district. In addition, all international passengers can now use biometric services in Terminal 3. Previously, only UAE and GCC nationals were allowed to exercise these options. Now the airline has also announced an innovation for boarding passes. In the future, most passengers should be able to view them digitally and not print them out.

People who check-in before departure can upload their boarding pass to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet or access it in the Emirates app. Passengers checking in locally at Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 will receive their boarding pass via email or SMS. So the card can be used throughout the trip, eg in duty free shop or in security check. The primary purpose of this initiative is to minimize paper usage and provide a speedy digital check-in experience for passengers, as evidenced by press release It became known to the airline.

Emirates digital boarding pass

However, there are some exceptions, because not everyone has to present their boarding pass digitally. Passengers without a mobile device or those whose smartphone is not sufficiently charged are excluded. In addition, exclusions also apply in the event of technical malfunctions, delays in the delivery of messages, or lack of access to the Internet. Guests affected by such issues can print their boarding pass at the airport check-in desk.
Passengers with infants, unaccompanied minors, passengers requiring special assistance or connecting flights with other airlines, and anyone traveling to the United States also do not require digital proof.

Conclusion on Emirates digital boarding passes

Emirates is increasingly using digital boarding passes, and from next week will also require them from most passengers embarking on their journey in Dubai. However, there are some exceptions, for example, passengers with young children can still show their printed boarding passes. I think this idea is very good because it aims to reduce the use of paper. However, I think many are already relying on this alternative and printed boarding passes are no longer popular. Those posting their boarding pass should be careful, because The data on the card is not completely insensitive.

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