October 5, 2023

Emerging Markets 2021 results: All Euro 2020 results today

Emerging Markets 2021 results: All Euro 2020 results today

All the current results of the final matches of Euro 2020 at a glance

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The European Football Championship UEFA begins on June 11, 2021. 24 national teams will compete for the title in a total of 51 matches. So you can get all the current Group results and tables At a glance, here’s a full overview:

EM Finals: Results

EM results today

Here you can find all the results of the day. If you are interested in the previous games, you can simply scroll up, where you will find the results of the previous games. This list is constantly updated so you are always up to date.

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All schedules for Euro 2020

What teams will qualify for the round of 16? Only the first and second group have a safe place. Four out of six thirds in the group also earn a spot in the knockout stage. Here, points and goal structures are crucial after the third day of the group stage.

It is clear who will qualify for the second stage by June 23 at the latest, when the last group matches will be played. The eighth final of the European Football Championship begins on 26 June.

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List of top scorers in the European Championship

Hopefully, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe and other clippers from different national teams guarantee plenty of goal celebrations, but who will take the Golden Boot with them in 2021? If two players score the same number of goals, the assists are determined first and then the match minutes. Here are the top scorers in the last ten events:

  • 2016: Antoine Griezmann (France), 6 tours
  • 2012: Fernando Torres (Spain), 3 Torres
  • 2008: David Villa (Spain), 4 Torre
  • 2004: Milan Baros (CZE), 6 years old
  • 2000: Savo Milosevic (YUG) and Patrick Kluivert (NED), age 5
  • 1996: Alan Shearer (England), 5 Tory
  • 1992: Dennis Bergkamp (Netherlands), Thomas Brolin (Sweden), Henrik Larsen (Dennis) and Karl-Heinz Riedel (Germany), each of them scored 3 goals.
  • 1988: Marco van Basten (NED), 5 toric
  • 1984: Michel Platini (France), 9 Touri
  • 1980: Klaus Allofs (Germany) 3 goals
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Predictions and betting odds

This question will now occupy us from June 11 to July 11: Who will be the European champions 2020? It’s hard to guess, as we all know, anything can happen in football. However, some odds of the odds can already be read in the betting offices. Here are the odds for the teams in 2021 by odds (sports tip, June 9, 2021):

  1. France (5.37)
  2. England (6,11)
  3. Belgium (6.99)
  4. Germany (8.53)
  5. Italy (8.79)
  6. Spain (8.82)
  7. Portugal (9.09)
  8. Netherlands (14.69)
  9. Denmark (26.07)
  10. Croatia (34.93)
  11. Turkey (52.2)
  12. Switzerland (66.2)
  13. Ukraine (75,3)
  14. Poland (77.7)
  15. Russia (84.1)
  16. Sweden (93)
  17. Austria (100)
  18. Czech Republic (100)
  19. Vinland (100)
  20. Hungary (100)
  21. North Macedonia (100)
  22. Scotland (100)
  23. Slovakia (100)
  24. Wales (100)

As per the odds, the chances of world champion France are the best. Followed by England and Belgium.

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