December 11, 2023

"Emergency mode is required"

“Emergency mode is required”

Twenty-sixth World Climate Conference (COP 26) in Glasgow is over. Government representatives 197 countries Discuss open points on how to implement Paris Climate Agreement.

Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze At the outset, he emphasized the importance of international cooperation to protect the climate: The world is far from being in a 1.5 degree cycle […]. The vast majority of countries take Paris’s promise to set new and better targets every five years. And some major economies still have to follow suit and also announce more ambitious plans.” Gerd Muller, Federal Minister of Development. I looked to the future with hope: “The Global climate catastrophe can be prevented. We have the technology and the knowledge, the only determining factor is the global will to act decisively […]”.

Paris goals: Actions so far are not enough

in a Paris became 2015 The A common goal Adjust it Reduce global heating to much less than 2, if possible 1.5 degrees. Countries agreed to check every five years whether they can raise their climate targets in order to move closer to the overall goal. So far they Political measures are insufficient. This is also shown in the graphic below.

subordinate Climate Action Tracker (CAT) It is a project of the two organizations Climate Analytics And New Climate Institute. The organizations analyze climate measures taken by governments around the world and check whether they are in line with the 2015 Paris climate goal. The analysis covers the European Union and 39 other countries, total 80% of global emissions because I am. The climate metrics of individual countries at the global level and the likely rise in temperature are summarized with the help of the so-called Magic Climamodels determined.

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The sad result: not a single country is on the right track

According to CAT . analysis No country currently achieves the Paris climate target through its measures. The efforts of a few countries, such as Nigeria, Kenya and the United Kingdom, are at least rated as close to adequate. This means that they can stay at least two degrees lower with their efforts. These countries are on the map yellow marked.

orange Colored all those countries whose goals are insufficient. Currently, this also includes the countries of the European Union, for example, the USA and Peru.

Climate gauges rot Colored cases are very insufficient. This means that these countries, with their actions against climate change, will remain just below 4 degrees. with the worst level (color DegreeRussia and Turkey, for example, are ranked. Their measures are currently insufficient to meet the Paris climate target.

“This is not the time to sit back and relax.”

Glasgow he have Tremendous credibility, inability to act and commitmentBecause the world is currently heading towards a warming, at least 2.4 degrees too – If not, but more. This is the assessment of the Climate Action Tracker at COP 26. Professor Niklas Hohn of the New Climate Institute warned at the Climate Conference: Not the time to sit down And relax. Assuming each country implements exactly what I’ve suggested here, in 2030 our emissions will still be twice what they should be if we want to stick to the 1.5 degree path. […]. All countries need to rethink what they can do. And to do that, they must be in emergency mode Easter Holiday. If we take very small steps each time, it will not work. Governments have to act radically differently.”

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The Committee against Torture is also assessing how well the newly-set targets for countries at the Climate Conference are. The assessment is shown graphically in the map below. In its analysis, the cat has a so-called Nationally Determined Contributions (= nationally determined contribution) to states. Simply put, the institute looked at newly set climate targets in individual countries and examined to what extent they had improved or not.

In the map, states are classified according to various criteria. The Classifications in four different colors shown. Green color It means that the country in question has officially made stronger national contributions. These include, for example, the entire European Union, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and China. China’s announcement of stronger targets on the sidelines of the conference was considered a major success for COP 26. blue It also means that the country in question made the stronger NDC. However, it has not been analyzed in more detail by the CAT. the color yellow It indicates that a country has proposed stronger NDCs, but has not formally provided them like other countries. This applies to India and South Korea. orange Governments that haven’t tightened their climate targets are colourful. This applies, for example, to Russia, Switzerland, Brazil and Australia.

countries agreed At the World Climate Conference on one The acceleration of the global energy transition away from coal. In addition, subsidies for fossil fuels will be reduced. How is that Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety Announced, COP 26 was for the first time not only about the goals themselves, but also about how to achieve the goals. In the closing statement of the Climate Conference Solidarity with countries Confirms which are already severely affected by climate change. by 2025 Help adapt to the consequences of climate change double will. Germany is one of the major donor countries.

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The Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze At the end of the conference: “Glasgow achieves a clear acceleration of climate protection, and More pace is also required. The 1920s is the decade in which the international community can and must make decisive progress. This conference showed that the world is one A common goal 1 follower A climate-neutral global economy. […]. Goals are important for climate protection, however A 1.5 degree path becomes a reality only if you walk together and put it into practice. It’s making real progress in wind turbines, solar systems, power grids, charging stations, forests, swamps, or green steel mills.”