June 19, 2024

EM Gymnastics: Austria achieves the best result

EM Gymnastics: Austria achieves the best result

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Austrian gymnasts Selina Kickinger, Karina Kroll, Jasmine Mader, Alyssa and Charlize Morzaben showed off their best team at the European Championships in Munich on Thursday, reaching 11th place in the team competition. A team from Austria has never been in a better position in battles for the continental title.

“Today was what we’ve been training for months. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved together,” said Mader, who struggled after meniscus surgery a month ago. Tyrolean remained flawless on all four machines in the Munich Olympic Hall. Nor did her teammates make up No fall or fatal errors.

Coach Damon Jones was happy: “In the past few months, we have been training with a focus on team cohesion rather than personal success. Thanks to our professional preparation, we have been able to show Europe today with a great deal of self-confidence how the ‘new’ Austrian gymnastics can present itself in an artistic and stable way ‘ said the American. For the next step, there will still be difficulties with the exercises. According to Jones, this step still needs time.

Geba / Patrick Steiner

Like her teammates, Selena Kickinger gave a convincing performance at the European Championships

Successful qualification for the World Cup

With 11th place, the Austrian also qualified for the World Cup in Liverpool at the end of October. To qualify for the World Cup, it was necessary to get a place in the top 13, which was the main goal in preparation for the European Championship.

So far, Austrian gymnasts have placed 16th at the 2016 European Championships in Berne as the best result. Four years ago there was a low point at rank 23.

The top eight teams play the final on Saturday, with Italy ahead of Great Britain and France. There was a decision everywhere: the new reigning champion was Asia D’Amato of Italy with 54,732 points, ahead of Brett Alice Kinsella (54,132) and her compatriot Martina Maggio (53.965).

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