December 4, 2023

Elias Navhausen turns science into art

2 minutes ago

Elias Navhausen is known throughout the country for his installations and sculptures, through which he highlights complex scientific topics. What he is currently working on.

Artist Elias Navhausen’s studio is not what one usually imagines a studio to be. Instead, it’s a small room in a building on Schmidgasse Street, filled with workbenches, 3D printers, boxes of screws and all sorts of tools. A laptop flashes between them. The artistic world of Augsburg produces here University of Augsburg His sculptures and installations attempt to combine science and art and highlight complex research topics. One of his works landed in a popular exhibition space this year and toured across Germany.

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Elias Navhausen, a graduate of the master’s program in Interactive Media Systems, described the “matter” as a kind of huge compass, a guide to the black hole located at the center of the Milky Way, and the carbon needle is aligned and suspended in “a way that constantly shows the black hole that is… It is 26,500 light-years long at the center of the Milky Way. “With the installation, no matter where on Earth and no matter what time it is, I can always immediately see where the center of our galaxy is. He explains his idea: “You don’t have to do the calculations every time. Also, ‘matter’ makes you think about how big the universe is, what a small role the Earth and humans play in it, and what else can be discovered ‘out there.’” He gives.

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