February 25, 2024

Elephants on the loose – a herd escaping from a reserve in South Africa

In South Africa, a herd of elephants escaped from the Ithala Reserve in the northern KwaZulu province. Local media reported that the herd outbreak was possible because residents of surrounding towns dismantled parts of the border fence around the reserve in order to sell the materials as scrap metal.

The herd of elephants was able to escape thanks to the dismantling of the fence (symbolic image).Image: Shutterstock

The animals had already escaped on Wednesday and are now far from the nature reserve. The fugitives are now to be tracked down by helicopter and returned.

Rangers from the local Nature Conservancy also appealed to residents to keep an eye on the elephants and report neighbors who removed the boundary fence. Not only are they incurring repair costs, but they are also putting themselves and others at risk as the risk of wild animal attacks increases. Elephants are generally not aggressive unless they feel threatened. However, a visit by gray giants to a farmer’s cornfield or garden can quickly lead to the loss of the entire crop. (SAW/SDA/DPA)

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