March 1, 2024

Electronic Arts: This series will likely return in ten years (rumor)

Electronic Arts: This series will likely return in ten years (rumor)

Fans of the Fight Night boxing series have had to wait for a new title for a decade – but there may be a new title again, at least in the medium term.

Electronic Arts is clearly in the process of reviving a well-known sports series: According to a new report, the boxing series Fight Night could celebrate a comeback a decade after its last release. The release of the next series is still too far away for another reason.

Like usually knowledgeable colleagues in VGC Citing private sources, EA has already released a new fight night; After the game has been given the go-ahead, it should be in an early development stage. According to EA Vancouver, the studio that is already developing the FIFA, NHL, and UFC series for EA Sports should be in charge.

The reason that the wait time might be a little longer before we can box digitally again is probably due to one of these three other series: In an internal email from EA it was said that the development of the new Fight Night game, codenamed “Moneyball” , initially paused to prioritize the new EA Sports UFC.

EA Sports UFC 5 is expected to be released next year 2022 – and only when that does happen should work on the new Fight Night pick up quickly. However, EA has yet to make an official announcement about the new boxing game.

The last published part of the series is Night hero fight It was released in 2011.

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