Electricity shortage from 2025 – help in the event of blackouts – even without an electricity agreement with the EU – News

  • From 2025, electricity may become scarce on odd days at the end of winter. This was shown by a recent post study On behalf of the Department of Environment and Energy (Uvek).
  • Many EU countries also fear future power outages. They promised each other to help in such cases. Switzerland signed jointly.
  • EU countries are negotiating with each other what specific measures will be taken – without Switzerland, because it has not concluded an electricity agreement with the EU.

In central Europe, there are seven countries that want to stand by each other in the event of an electricity crisis: the Benelux countries, Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland. This group of countries is called the Five Power Forum, “Penta”, because it was originally only five countries. On Wednesday evening, they signed a declaration of intent to prepare for the electricity crisis in Brussels. This declaration is not legally binding.


Federal Councilor Sommaruga calls on Switzerland to expand its electricity production.


Federal Chancellor Simonetta Sommaruga says she remains valuable. “It is important that we take a very specific look at what we can do together so that this electricity crisis does not happen in our region.” And if there is an electricity crisis, the operations will be predetermined. Concrete measures have yet to be negotiated.

There is no electricity agreement without a framework agreement

The other six countries are all European Union countries. The Penta-Forum considers itself a pioneer in European energy system design. However, Switzerland remains outside this structure because there is no institutional framework and therefore no electricity agreement with the European Union.

Sommaruga emphasizes that the declaration of intent, the so-called Memorandum of Understanding, is not a substitute for the lost electricity agreement. But: “I think it is a political demonstration of the will, we want to work together here, because Switzerland is in the middle of Europe. When we have a problem, our neighbors quickly have a problem too.”

Switzerland is located in the center of Europe. When we have a problem, our neighbors also quickly get into trouble.

Therefore the joint declaration is a sign of goodwill among the neighboring countries. It remains to be seen whether they will be useful in the crisis. The Swiss Energy Minister said that Switzerland should not only hope for the solidarity of other countries, but also expand its electricity production.

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