Electricity network operators mine bitcoins and co.

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In the United States, more and more power plant operators are discovering mining for cryptocurrency and using electricity for their mining farms.

Cryptocurrency mining consumes a lot of electricity, so searching for virtual money is definitely harmful to the environment. China recently announced that it will take action against cryptocurrency mining. In contrast, the situation in the United States is different. More and more power grid operators are discovering mining for themselves here. In the United States, about Energy supplier Talen Energy has opened a new mining farm At the Susquehanna Steam Electric Station nuclear power plant in the US state of Pennsylvania, Datacenter Dynamics reported.

Nuclear power providers will soon introduce crypto mining

The electricity provider would like to offer supercomputing on the one hand and crypto mining on the other through its new subsidiary Cumulus. The new system is scheduled to operate as a 164MW data center from mid-2022 before capacity is increased to 300MW. Talen Energy advertises zero-emissions energy from nuclear power.

Plus Talen Energy is increasing Energy Harbor has also entered the cryptocurrency mining space a. The nuclear power plant operator has entered into a five-year supply deal with Standard Power. Standard Power provides an infrastructure for miners. Starting in December, a mining farm on the site of a paper mill in the US state of Ohio will be powered by electricity from Energy Harbor. If the supply situation requires it, Standard Power wants to pause operations so that nuclear power can flow elsewhere.

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Bitcoin mining is beneficial for service providers

Apparently, the United States wants to soon become the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining country, after the former leader wanted China to take action against mining. Greenidge mining farm is already operating on the shores of Seneca Lake. Locals are already complaining about the lake’s extreme water temperatures, as the power plant is cooled by lake water. As of February 2021, operators produced 1,186 bitcoins in one year at an average cost of $2,869 per coin. According to the operator, the mining farm is climate neutral – with two-thirds of the electricity from nuclear power plants and the purchase of climate certificates.

Albany Engineering is restoring the oldest hydroelectric power plant in the United States and operating a mining farm there with used equipment. According to the Times Union, the old hydropower plant has been making high profits again since Electricity fed into the grid is charged at about three US cents per kilowatt-hour In bitcoin mining, on the other hand, the company receives three times the amount.

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Group related to mining farms in USA:

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  • More and more energy providers are discovering the potential of cryptocurrency mining in the United States.
  • In particular, nuclear power plant operators are offering climate-neutral crypto mining, as per the advertising promise.
  • It turns out that the mining business is much more profitable than feeding electricity into the grid for about three US cents per kilowatt-hour.
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