June 23, 2024

Elections in Israel - Tiktokerin drives the election campaign in Israel - News

Elections in Israel – Tiktokerin drives the election campaign in Israel – News


Israel returned to campaign mode. Influencer Hadar Mostar has made a name for herself.

What is happening in Israel? A new parliament will be elected in Israel on November 1 – for the fifth time in three years. A three-way battle is expected between former right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Liberal Interim Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Defense Minister Benny Ganz. A young woman is also making a fuss: influencer Hadar Mukhtar picks it up tik tok Sharply entrenched politicians.

Who is Hadar Mokhtar? “You don’t know much about them,” explains independent journalist Gisela Dash in Israel. “You know she’s 20 years old, from Kiryat Ono, a small town near Tel Aviv, and she can present herself well in front of the camera.” Hadar Mokhtar also founded a new party, the “Fiery Youth”.

What is your political programme? “It started with her criticism of the high cost of living in Israel,” the journalist says. I compared what a pair of pants cost in Frankfurt, for example. She filmed herself standing in the store and indicating prices. “It didn’t look good in the long run,” Badger says. That’s why I stopped doing it. “But it continues to stand up to high prices, for a better future for the young and above all against established politicians, who, she says, only care about themselves.”

There is a whole generation on their phones and they are watching Tiktok like crazy.

Why is Muchtar so successful? Campaigning — and this has been the case the past few times — takes place largely on social media, Dax notes. Hadar Mushtar is the heroine of the Tik Tok generation. Because Israel will vote for the fifth time in three and a half years, there are 21-year-olds who can now vote for the fifth time. Young people have already been discovered there, as well as potential voters. It is the closest thing to it. It’s an entire generation that’s on their phones and watching Tik Tok like crazy.”

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How does the media interact with them? Since Hadar Mokhtar came out of nowhere and suddenly had 68,000 followers and several 100,000 views on Tiktok, the question arose at one point: “Who is really behind it? Is it anyone else? Or could it be sponsored by Netanyahu or another party?”


Almost no one has known her for two months now, and now her name is on everyone’s lips. According to Gisela Dash, one explanation for this is that “many young people are disillusioned with politics and really want someone to speak for them.”

Twitter / Hadar Muchtar (Wikimedia Commons)

On the other hand, she clearly resisted and said she was neither on the left nor on the right, according to the independent journalist. “Since then, it was clear that she did not allow anyone to catch her.” But at the age of twenty, she cannot be elected as a member of Parliament, because in Israel you must be at least 21 years old. But she must definitely be a minister. Because there is no age limit for this.

Did Mokhtar and Wamda attend the frying pan? “One has to see if it continues after the election,” Dash says. “And of course she needs people to follow her politically.” But even if she wanted to run in the November elections, she had no slate at all: “Another well-known politician wanted to put her on his slate, and she said no, she wouldn’t allow herself to be taken over by her…” He’s consistent and clear on this point. “Maybe she has what it takes to assert herself in the long run,” the journalist says. Because: “Israel is a very young society and in a year or two it can actually lead to more for it.”