July 15, 2024

Elections in Greece – Mitsotakis Surprisingly Wins His Economic Trail – News

Elections in Greece – Mitsotakis Surprisingly Wins His Economic Trail – News


The biggest winner in Sunday’s elections is called Nya Democracy. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ party was expected to win this election. No surveying institute expected the result to be so obvious and it might have surprised them as well.

continuity rather than disorder

The Conservatives get more than 40 percent of the vote. It is a clear vote for their policies in recent years, which have brought political stability and economic recovery to the country. Voters seem to appreciate these developments.

The other winner is called Pasuk Kenal. The Social Democrats have been single digits in the polls and have now won more than 11 percent of the vote. They took votes from Syirza’s left-wing coalition.

Syriza loses more than 10 percentage points

The biggest loser is called Syriza. Although Alexis Tsipras’ party remains the strongest opposition party, it has lost more than 10 percentage points compared to 2019. During the election campaign, Tsipras called for nothing less than an undoing, or to put it more radically, an overthrow. Obviously, the majority of the electorate did not want this.

Many small and very small parties do not pass the three percent mark. Among them are the former Minister of Finance in the government of Syriza Giannis Varoufakis and Mira 25. In general, these small parties represent a large proportion of the electorate, and together they achieved more than 15 percent of the vote, but none of them reached Parliament.

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There is no alliance in sight

Despite the good result, New Democracy lost the absolute majority by only five seats due to the change in the distribution of seats. First place system, with extra seats for the stronger party. These elections have now taken place under proportional representation, which means that bonus mandates are no longer available. Thus, the formation of the government requires alliances, but they are not firmly rooted in the country’s political mentality.

After this good result, Kyriakos Mitsotakis will not participate in coalition negotiations or any concessions. SYRIZA, in turn, will need several coalition partners: the Social Democratic Party PASOK KINALE, the Communist Party KKE and the right-wing “Greek Solution”. However, the Communist Party again emphasized that it would rather remain in opposition than become part of a coalition government. Therefore, forming a cross-party government is almost impossible.

Mitsotakis was strengthened for new elections

Both party bosses now have a maximum of three days for exploratory talks. If nothing happens – which is the most likely scenario at the moment – Parliament will be dissolved and new elections will be held in a few weeks.

In ten days, Greeks will know for sure if they will be asked to vote again at the end of June / beginning of July. Until then, the chief justice will direct the fortunes of the country as the provisional prime minister in the provisional government.

Thanks to his clear victory in the election, Mitsotakis is stronger on this second ballot, because this is happening again according to the old majority vote system. The new distribution of seats not only guarantees him additional bonuses, but also a solid majority in parliament.