June 20, 2024

Elden Ring: All the locations of the golden seeds and sacred tears in the video

Elden Ring: All the locations of the golden seeds and sacred tears in the video

ELDEN ring

In the Elden Ring, you’ll want to find plenty of golden seeds and sacred tears to boost your potions. You can see all the locations of the objects here in the video.

Looking for golden seeds and holy tears? In this video you should see all the sites. (Source: YouTube RageGamingVideos screenshot / Bandai Namco)

Have you found yourself in the “middle country”? elden ring You may want to get stronger quickly and increase your doses for life energy and focus points. That’s why golden seeds needed for potions and sacred tears for stronger bottles of Heaven’s Tears.

So here we present to you a video of all the localities. The RageGamingVideos YouTube channel shows you where to look. According to his statement, all sweeteners were included. But even if you miss a little, you should be able to boost your potions significantly thanks to the video.

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Potions have been upgraded in one of the many Mercy places. If you want more game guides for the new FromSoftware title, check out our guide Elden Ring Tips Overview. There you will discover, among other things, Which souvenir should you choose to start with.

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