“El Risitas” died – the Internet’s most famous laugh fell silent

Juan Joya Borja, the Spanish comedian known as “El Risitas”, had one of the most contagious laughs in the world. bild: youtube screenshot

“El Risitas” died – the Internet’s most famous laugh fell silent

Anyone who knows a little about memes should know their face: Juan Joya Borga, better known as “El Risitas”, passed away Wednesday at the age of 65.

It was so contagious a laugh that it was the basis of the memes on thousands of videos online. On Wednesday, however, Juan Joya Borga, better known as “El Restas,” stopped laughing. As reported by Spanish media, Restas passed away at the age of 65.

If the “restase” face (laughter) does not mean anything, then maybe his laughter will help. Born in Seville, he became famous in 2007 for his participation in a Spanish talk show. In it, the comedian told how he was working as a dishwasher in a restaurant and lost 19 bowls of paella in the sea. If you never see the video, it should take eight minutes:

Resita started an avalanche. Thousands of videos were created with false subtitles to connect the Spanish comedian’s laugh with a completely different story. Mimi was born the first generation. In 2015, every netizen finally got to know him after he posted his most famous fake video, “An Apple Engineer Talks About the New MacBook Pro.” Risitas is also very popular on the Twitch streaming platform thanks to the KEKW emojis.

The internet community raised € 14,000 for Risitas Gesundheit

But the last few years the thing has been with Risitas Health decline. He was suffering from diabetes and had his leg amputated last September. Then, a crowdfunding campaign began in his favor, with the amount of 14,000 euro They gathered. The comedian managed to use it to buy an electric wheelchair.

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However, Restace has never fully recovered, and he has now passed away at the age of 65 in a hospital in his hometown of Seville.

On Reddit, Twitter And other social media, condolences mount to Risitas. Users remember his unique laugh and wish him peace in the hereafter. People from all over the world thank Borja for the years they laughed with him and for the various parodies with the translation that he inspired.

Risitas may find peace in the meme heaven

What’s your favorite version of the Restase cult video? Write them in the comments.

PS watson also used Risitas’ meme idea and created the following masterpiece with Federer and Nadal:


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