February 28, 2024

Eiyuden Chronicle: Height - Exit in May - MANIAC.de

Eiyuden Chronicle: Height – Exit in May – MANIAC.de

505 Games announces it Ioden’s History: Rise It was released for all current consoles on May 10th. The title will also be available via Xbox Game Pass.

After a massive earthquake, deep runic hills revealed beneath a town on the remote Alran frontier known as the New Neva, fortune-seeking adventurers and merchants flock from all over the world. Among them, three heroes meet. Marauder CJ and the mercenary animals Garoo hope to extract the Rune Lens, the underground source of magic. As a young deputy mayor, the talented Esha magically wants to rebuild her city.

In the ruins of this world is a struggle Ioden’s History: Rise instead of. CJ’s climbing axes pack a quick punch, Isha casts spells from afar, and Garoo’s giant sword punishes enemies. Fictional bosses can only be defeated by switching between characters to combine devastating link attacks with each hero’s specialties while navigating breathtaking 2.5D environments.

Likewise, looting dungeons and collecting items is essential to return New Neve to its former glory – and reap the benefits by unlocking Hundred Heroes 2023. Cross content includes special cosmetic items, precious gear, and merchandise. Players can add a personal touch to the world of Eiyuden Chronicle by equipping specific weapons and foods in Ioden’s History: Rise The name, which will carry over to hundreds of heroes next year.

A deep-rooted plot lies within the Rune Hills with deadly repercussions for the world of the Eiyuden Chronicle. events in Ioden’s History: Rise Get ready for the story and adventure of the world of Hundred Heroes.

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