June 20, 2024

Edward, Sophie and Anne focus

Edward, Sophie and Anne focus

London. The scandal surrounding the resignation of Prince Harry (37) and Duchess Megan (40) and the abuse of Prince Andrew (62) has hit the British royal family hard. The Royals’ reputation has been badly affected by Great Britain. Other royal families who didn’t pay much attention before can now offer a little fresh start.

How to get out Schedule published by Buckingham Palace Along with overseas trips, Prince Edward (57), his wife Sophie (57) and Princess Anne (71) from Wessex play a key role. In April, the Queen’s youngest son and late Prince Philip Edward and his wife Sophie are scheduled to travel to Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent. Princess Anne, the only daughter of Elizabeth and Philip, will travel to Papua New Guinea at about the same time.

Princess Anne Papua travels to New Guinea on behalf of the Royals.

Prince Edward and Sophie rarely go on overseas trips for the Royals. Prince Harry and Duchess Megan, who have been living in the US since their retirement, can pick up the busy schedule. So Princess Anne can take the appointments of Prince Andrew.

The Queen no longer went abroad

The heirs to the throne are Prince Charles and Duchess Camila arriving in Ireland in March. Prince William and Duchess Gate will travel to Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas in March. Queen Elizabeth II (95) is no longer going abroad.