June 23, 2024

Education in Schramberg: Primary school children in Tennenbrunn experience practical sciences - Schramberg and the surrounding area

Education in Schramberg: Primary school children in Tennenbrunn experience practical sciences – Schramberg and the surrounding area

Lothar Schumacher and Rachel Bruger bring the natural sciences of primary school children closer to life with amazing experiences. Photo: school

Science You Can Touch: Students at Tennenbronn Elementary School recently had amazing experiences with ‘Science-Mobile’.

Schramberg-Tenenbrunn – Can a t-shirt warn me of a sunburn? Can the fluid go away? How do you protect homes from fire? Lothar Schumacher and Rachel Bruger visited Tennenbrunn Primary School on Monday with their ‘Science-Mobile’ programme.

No burn blisters

Together with grades 3 and 4, they searched for answers to these questions – using amazing experiments. “Who is in favor of setting fire to Luther’s hand?” At first, the students let out a shocking murmur, then increased enthusiasm spread. Of course, according to a statement, children already suspect that there will be no burns during this procedure. Lothar Schumacher and Rachel Bruger, who were guests at the school with their science mobile phone, had previously shown that they had liquid in their luggage that could protect things from fire.

However, everyone held their breath when Schumacher first dipped his hand in the protective liquid and then poured it with a lighter liquid. Brugger was ready for the lighter. And indeed: after a short flash of fire and after he “warmed a little”, the scientist stood before the children with his hand intact. This is practical science – in the truest sense of the word.

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Use for support association

“Science-Mobil” is used by the association “Science & Technology” throughout South Baden. The objective of the Material Genial presentation is to use experiments to spark interest in chemical processes in a playful way. Since this always works admirably, the mobile has already been used several times at Tennenbronn Elementary School. Once again, the children were very excited and engaged in discussions about what could happen in the next experiment and what a particular material could be used in practice.

The fire brigade is already spraying homes threatened by bushfires with a fire protection agent. And T-shirts that warn of sunburn are already in place: if ultraviolet sunlight hits the fabric, the print changes color. Previously white frogs are now colorful, and T-shirt wearers must protect their skin from UV rays – for example by using sunscreen. The effect of the sunscreen is less dramatic than that of the other materials on display, but it also fits perfectly in the show’s slogan: “Material Genial!”